Announcing: Culture section on The Biblical Bookshelf

Several weeks ago, I announced a new website, The Biblical Bookshelf. At the time, the site only included book and film reviews.

I recently considered adding a culture column to It would have included current events, politics, church life, humor, and apologetics. I consulted with a sampling of frequent readers and got mixed feedback. So I decided it would be easier to modify the mission plan of a just-launched site. So, starting this week, the Biblical Bookshelf will include book reviews, film reviews, and cultural commentary.

I mention this since many of you who might not be heavy book readers might have more interest in the new column. The opening post examines whether the recently discovered Hebrew metal codices claimed to date back to Christ’s time are forgeries.

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  1. Daniel,
    I am replying here [on SGB] as most traffic, at this point in time is still on the ‘parent’ blog.

    If this article sets the tenor and tone for the broader perspective on the BB site, then it is most encouraging indeed.

    Believers today can be so easily “soon shaken” in their minds by such discoveries and pronouncements.

    The litmus test of “sola scriptura” is;

    “You shall not add…” The Divine record is eternally complete, and in the original autographs unimpeachable and inerrant. The prohibition bridges from the first penman to the last (Deut 4:2, 12:32; Rev 22:18-19).

    The scripture needs no addition, and any desire to ‘add’ underlines a lack of trust and belief in the scriptures of truth.

    Excellent post Daniel!

    • David Mac,

      Thanks! That’ll certainly be the tone with which I approach any archaeology or higher/lower criticism headline stories. I anticipate having a few lighter posts along the way, with church/cultural humor, too!