Blackwood Brothers Essential 25: Nominations

The Essential 25 is a group-by-group series of the 25 YouTube videos we would choose to introduce someone to a group.

YouTube videos can be both a plus and a minus for a group. On the positive side, there is publicity; YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google (its parent company) and larger than Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask. But on the negative side, it can detract from DVD sales, and whether the footage is ripped from a DVD or taken from a live concert performance, it can be in violation of copyright laws (unless necessary permissions are secured).

For that reason, with the possible exception of long-retired groups, this series will only feature artists whom has contacted and who have sanctioned the idea.

I recently emailed Jimmy Blackwood—son of James Blackwood and current lead singer/manager of the Blackwood Brothers—to see if he would be okay with a feature. He replied:

I read your blog on the 101 videos and I appreciate you including the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. I don’t mind fans using video cameras in the concerts. It is just the same to me as a snapshot camera. I don’t worry about any negative effect from internet posting of the videos and I don’t think there would be any realistic way to prevent it anyway. Isn’t there an old adage that says, “Any advertising is good advertising?”

Thanks for asking and I hope I have helped clear up our feelings about the rapidly changing technology issues.

We can link to both professionally recorded and amateur recordings here. For this entry, though, since the group has a 75+-year-history, the final selection will be more concerned with balance between eras/lineups than balance between professional and amateur videos.

If we have 35+ videos submitted, we can do a voting round; if we’re closer to 25, I may make a few simple editorial decisions to balance the list and just post it.

Which videos would you include?

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  1. Three natural nominees would be the videos selected for our SG 101 list:

    1951 – He Bought My Soul –

    1960s – Crossing Chilly Jordan –

    1970s – Zion’s Hill –

    This is a decent live NQC video of the current group (though Billy Blackwood, Jimmy’s brother, is the new baritone singer now):

    2009 – Old Country Church –

    Another great video of the same lineup, professionally produced:

    ~2007 – He Bought My Soul –

    I’m hoping for no more than two or three of the same song, but might have to compromise if that’s where the good footage is!

    So there’s five to kick off the list. Regulars, newer Southern Gospel fans, are you up for the challenge of discovering this group’s great heritage?

    And Blackwood Brothers aficionados, are you willing to come out of the realm of lurkerdom? 🙂

  2. Friday’s not a good day to collect comments. I’d help, but this one’s out of my realm… I’ll see what you’ve got Monday. 🙂

    • I’m hoping it’s not out of everyone’s realm! But if I’m the only one whose realm it’s in, I can roll with that – I’ll find 25 good ones and do a list myself if I have to! 🙂

  3. I’ve got a few on my youtube you’re more than welcome to use.

  4. I’ll have to go with this one. Classic song. This is basically Pat Barker stuck in the 1960’s. Pretty sure The Blackwood Bros were ONE of the first to record this one. (maybe Speers or Dixie Echoes?)

    • Great submission.

      I have thought Pat Barker’s voice reminded me of Big John Hall – in a good way, of course!

  5. My favs would be some that had Pat Hoffmaster in them. That era was where I came to know them and I think it was one of the best. I haven’t seen many videos with Pat but I will try to find some.

    • Thanks – let us know if you do!

  6. My favorite is Rolling, Riding, Rocking. It is on the Gaither tape “Oh, My, Glory!”. I could not find it on youtube. Sorry about that, but it’s well worth the look-up. It starts with The Original Blackwood Brothers 1951, and then ends with The Next Generation Blackwoods.


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