Blackwood Brothers Essential 25: The List

Last week, we took nominations for today’s Essential 25 entry on the Blackwood Brothers. Here are the twenty-five videos we would use to introduce someone to the group:

It proved to be easiest to break down eras by bass singer.

The easiest way to divide eras was by bass singer; there’s a far more distinct division between Lyles and Sumner, and Sumner and Hall, than there is between the 1959 and 1960 or 1969 and 1970. As with other Essential 25 lists, selection was restricted by available footage; there is plentiful footage of the Sumner and current (Byrd) eras, some of Parris, and everything else is quite scarce—especially the Turner era.

You can watch all 25 on YouTube here:

Or, you can even watch them right on this site:

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  1. Wow, those are wonderful clips!!! This is a great idea to do this with every group! thanks Daniel.

  2. Daniel, how many groups have you done this with so far? i saw you did the Booth brothers too.

    • Just these two. I’m waiting to do any group till I have permission from them.

      • I’m thinking Kingsmen! lol

  3. Any more in the works?

    • Not immediately – but hopefully someday!


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