Video of the Day: 1940s Blackwood Brothers

Researching yesterday’s Essential 25 Blackwood Brothers post unearthed this gem. It’s a 1990s reunion of the 1940s Blackwood Brothers, with tenor Alden Toney, lead James Blackwood, baritone/pianist Hilton Griswold, and bass Don Smith:

If they sounded this good fifty years after their prime, they must have been on par with any other Blackwood Brothers lineup in their prime.

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  1. I think Hilton Griswold is still with us, is he not?

  2. Great video!

  3. Hilton is still alive and kickin’. This video was recorded for Hilton’s television program.

    Hilton is a retired AOG minister and still has a weekly television ministry. Not bad for a gentleman who is nearing his 90th birthday.

    • That is impressive indeed.

      I didn’t know off the top of my head if he was still alive, but I knew someone here surely would! Thanks!

    • Mary E. Olson

      • Comment

  4. I love this video!

  5. I spoke to Hilton a few years ago. I’d been told my name Rhydonia was an alto who my grandmother heard sing (w/sister & 15 year old bro who was preacher). So I called the AoG headquarters; Rhydonia Griswold had died a few years earlier, but I was given Hilton’s phone #. When he answered, I asked, “Is this Hilton Griswold?” “What’s left of him” was his response! We had a good chat; he told me the 15 year old bro had been school supt in Los Angeles, but retired to AR–AR is where I live.

    Is he still alive?