CD Review: Blessed (Toney Brothers)

The Toney Brothers—originally composed of four brothers—were started in 1955. Three generations of Toneys have been part of the group; it’s now led by bass singer Terry Toney, who started with the group as bass guitarist in 1972.

Former Cathedrals member George Amon Webster was the Toney Brothers’ baritone when the project was started; though health issues took him off the road, the group left some of his vocals on the project, adding in new baritone Jake Sammons on other tracks. Webster, incidentally, was the fifth-longest-serving member of the Cathedrals, after only Glen Payne, George Younce, Roger Bennett, and Mark Trammell. The project includes a song he wrote, “We Will,” and another song he co-wrote with George Younce, “Thanks for Loving Me.”

Derrick Boyd, the group’s tenor, is probably the next most recognizable name in the lineup; he has also toured with the Kingsmen, Heaven Bound, the Dixie Melody Boys, and a number of less prestigious groups.

All songs on the project are recognizable classics (except for the George Amon Webster tune “We Will.”) The soundtracks sound somewhat dated and were probably drawn from the Homeland soundtracks line. Despite that Webster isn’t necessarily the only singer on the project past his vocal peak, there are several strong vocal performances; whether it’s Kemp or Sammons on “Palms of Victory,” the performance is the project’s strongest. Also, the project has some distinct historical value; depending on the extent of Webster’s recovery, it may well be his final professional recording.

Produced by: Scott Godsey, Kasey Kemp, Jake Sammons. Executive Producer: Bob Jones. • Group Members: Derrick Boyd (tenor), Kasey Kemp (lead), Jake Sammons (baritone), Terry Toney (bass), George Amon Webster (former baritone and guest vocalist). • Review copy provided. • Song list: Glory, Glory, Clear the Road; We Will; Thanks for Loving Me; The Old Account Was Settled; Oh, What a Savior; I’ll Have a New Life; Prodigal Son; Stand By Me; Palms of Victory; I Am His, He is Mine. CD rating: 3 stars.

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  1. That would be the FORMER tenor Derrick Boyd, he now sings with the Ascension Quartet out of Missouri. I realize it is hard to keep up…lol

    • OOPS! I apologize and stand corrected! 🙂

      I believe that their website still had Derrick listed as of the time I wrote the review.

    • Wow! He is a quick little thing, isn’t he? I wonder why, sometimes, why some guys dart around so much.

      • He was with a group with Bryan Hutson’s brother called “The Woodsmen Quartet” for quite a while. I believe the most recent move after that had to do with how high gas is to get to rehearsals and performances since he lived quite a ways away from the rest.

      • Now that I certainly understand!

  2. Okay, I am very curious..last fall we got a very good song from the Toney Bros called “Just as He is” written by Diane Wilkinson that was supposed to be on their new project. It is even being played on their website when you open it. But that song is not on this new project or the other project on their website…if it was already recorded and released to radio, why was it not put on the project???

    • This is more a table project . . . maybe they have an upcoming mainline.