CD Review: Foundation (Men of Music)

The Men of Music were launched in 1995 by baritone Cleon Yates. Early lineups included legends like Bobby Clark, Jim Wesson, and Buddy Burton, and young talent like Chris West. In 2002, Yates turned the group over to Mike Bullock. Bullock retired the group in 1996 when his wife was diagnosed with bone cancer. During the group’s Bullock years, Rodney Tyson and Greg Colburn were both members. Colburn received permission from Bullock to re-launch the group in 2009.

Foundation is clearly a budget project; the tracks are piano-only, recorded by former Kingsmen/Palmetto State pianist Andrew Ishee. (The closing track, though, is acapella.) Yet the simple arrangements leave the spotlight on the vocals, not entirely a bad thing when a group is new—or when that new group has strong vocalists. There’s a mixture of hymns and classic convention songs; the only (comparatively) recent song on the project, “I Sing Because,” was a Squire Parsons-penned Kingsmen classic.

While Foundation won’t be a breakout project for the Men of Music, it does succeed at laying a foundation—as its title cleverly hints—for future success.

Produced by: Scott Godsey. • Group Members: Tyler Hudson (tenor), Rodney Tyson (lead), Greg Colburn (baritone). • Review copy provided. • Song list: Hallelujah, I’m Going Home; What a Friend; It is Well With My Soul; Living By Faith; Where the Soul Never Dies; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; I Must Tell Jesus; I Sing Because; Leave Your Sorrows and Come Along; I Need Thee Every Hour.

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