CD Review: I Still Need Him (Mark Bishop)

Mark Bishop - I Still Need HimIn the mid-2000s, Mark Bishop released a string of particularly strong albums and songs—strong enough to garner him several #1 hits, and even a brief one-year interruption to Ivan Parker’s reign as favorite soloist (in 2005). While he has released a number of good songs since, they haven’t enjoyed the same level of chart success. (It doesn’t help that his strongest song from the last five years, “Let the Angels Take the Fallen,” didn’t even go to radio!)

I Still Need Him is poised to change that, in a big way. “My Name is Jesus,” a multi-artist extravaganza featuring guest vocalists Lauren Talley, Ivan Parker, and Mitchel Jon, and an all-star choir, is an early standout and the first single. From the catchy “Listening For the Call” to the unconventional “Are You Going Where I’m Going” to the lyrical masterwork “It’s My Time,” these songs are destined to be concert favorites and radio hits.

If you thought Mark Bishop had peaked with the Bishops—or earlier in his solo career—it’s time to revisit that. While a few songs that are pleasant but not exceptional keep the project from a five-star rating, this is at any rate one of the strongest projects of Mark’s solo career. Only time will tell, but it could well be his strongest solo project to date.

Produced by: Jeff Collins and Mark Bishop. Executive Producers: Chris White, Mickey Gamble. • Review copy provided. • Song list: I’m Listening for the Call; God Builds Churches With Broken People; Job’s Wife; My Name is Jesus; Are You Going Where I’m Going?; I Still Need Him; It’s My Turn; Your Easter Sunday is On Its Way; That’s the Sound of a House Being Built on Love; One Drop of Blood Became a River. • Average song rating:  stars. CD rating: 4.5 stars.


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  1. You won’t be disappointed with this cd. This is one of Mark’s best releases yet. Hopefully America gets to hear I Still Need Him on the radio. It’s a message we need to be reminded of.