CD Review: Evidence (The Freemans)

After four years of waiting, The Freemans finally released another CD titled Evidence, and it was well worth the wait. Great songs, good harmony, and a bit of a country flair is what I think of when I think of the Freemans and this CD has it all.

Produced by Darrell Freeman, the CD begins with their powerful hit song written by Dianne Wilkinson, “The Father and the Son.” Joe Freeman does a great job on “The God That Changes Everything,” a song Ronnie Hinson wrote. Dianne Wilkinson also wrote “I Can Make It From Here.” Misty Freeman Callaway sings, “He Goes One Step Farther.”

This is the first CD Caylon has sung a full song on but he sings, “He Keeps Sending Me Angels.” I think his style is similar to Joe’s and I look forward to hearing him sing more in the future. Darrell sings a song Charles Johnson and the Revivers made popular years ago: “I Can’t Even Walk.” What truth there is to that song!

I love the way Chris Freeman sings “Is Not This the Land of Beulah.” As I listen, I can visualize it so clearly. She has such a gift. The final song is “I Call Him My Everything,” an uptempo song also sung by Chris.

Stylistically, I’d say this is comparable to their last recording yet their style and sound always stays new and fresh. If you enjoy the Freemans, you will not be disappointed by¬†Evidence.

~ Sony Elise







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  1. I would like the words to the song,The Father and The Son.

    • We’re sorry – copyright law does not permit anyone to post these here without the publisher’s written consent.

  2. Are the Freemans ever going to release the accompaniment track for the Father and the Son? I have looked for it everywhere, and I check all the time to see.