Booth Brothers Concert Highlights – April 2nd, 2011

On April 2nd, 2011, our family loaded into the van and headed toward Maplewood, Minnesota to experience one of our “Most Anticipated Nights of the Year”: the Booth Brothers’ annual concert at Lakewood Worship and Community Center!  Each Southern Gospel concert we are able to attend is a special treat for our family, especially if it is by one of our favorite groups.  And the Booth Brothers are definitely in the top five category around our home.

But it wasn’t always this way…

In 2009, a friend told our family the Booth Brothers were coming to Minnesota, and immediately our interest was piqued.  We had heard this trio on the Gospel Greats (about our only source of current Gospel music here in our SGM-starved state!), and some of us had started to enjoy their musical style.  Ben, Taylor, and Leesha pleaded with Dad and Mom to let the family go and see them.  Mom especially was very apprehensive about attending the concert, for she did not appreciate trios for the obvious reasons: 1.) They do not have a bass; 2.) they do not have a bass; 3.) and they do not have a bass.  🙂  In fact, Dad and Mom had even seen them during a Gaither Homecoming concert several years before, and didn’t remember much about them!  But finally they decided it was worth attending the concert, and shall we say, the rest is history!

We put together a short video highlighting some special memories from the whole experience, and hope you enjoy traveling with the Garms Family!

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Getting to the Concert

1st Scene:
Caleb:  “This is Caleb Garms.  We’re getting ready for the Booth Brothers.  Well…we’ll be goin’…” (looks for clock) “…in…” (can’t find clock) “…well,  hope we’ll be going in a couple minutes, so…”

2nd Scene:
Sam:  “I’m excited this time to go to the Booth Brothers ’cause it’s one of the most important times we have gone so – gone to them so far!”

3rd Scene:
Garms family traveling in their van.  Jayme:  “We’re on our way!”  Cheers by the rest of the family.

4th Scene:
A van driving by with a mattress on top, probably the strangest sight seen by the Garms family that day.  (Our speculations about the sight are perhaps a new mode of travel for Southern Gospel groups, or perhaps a new invention: a bed-and-breakfast mobile?  🙂  )

5th Scene:
Caleb riding in van.  Caleb:  “We’re close!  It’s goin’ to be fun!”

6th Scene:
Camera focuses on yellow school bus outside window.  Taylor:  “Hey look!  It’s the Booth Brothers’ bus!  Look!”  Leesha:  “Yeah, their Sprinter.”  Taylor:  “Umm, not quite.”

Outside Lakewood Temple; Waiting for the Doors To Open

7th Scene:
The Booth Brothers’ actual transportation for this venue: Ronnie Booth’s truck and a U-Haul trailer.

8th Scene:
Garms family in front of venue building.  Caleb:  “Guess what!”  Ben:  “What?”  Caleb:  “The doors open at 5:15!  It’s four o’ clock; one hour to wait…”  Caleb throws back his head and lets out a “Aahhh!”

9th Scene:
Sam:  “The Booth Brothers are going to be singing tonight.”  Ben: “Alright!”  Sam:  “And we are having an interview, very important!”

10th Scene:
Sam looking at sign on door.  Sam:  “It says,  ‘Doors Open at…5:15’.”  Jayme:  “Ahh, it’s an hour from now!”

11th Scene:
Caleb:  “Waiting, waiting, and waiting.  No sign of them [the Booth Brothers].  The doors are not open till 5:15; how can we wait any longer?  *Groan*”  Caleb walks up the sidewalk to stand at doors with Sam and Jayme.  Caleb:  “Do you see anything?”

12th Scene:
Sam, Jayme, and Caleb:  “We saw Michael!”

13th Scene:
Sam:  “He’s [Michael] back!  He’s actually here!  He saw us!”  Jayme and Caleb:  “He saw us!?!”  Taylor:  “Is he waving at you?”  Sam, Jayme, and Caleb:  “No!”  Sam:  “He’s like…”  Sam does a little strutting dance…  🙂

14th Scene:
Sam, Jayme, and Caleb giggling in front of doors.  They turn around to find the rest of the family.  Jayme:  “Oh no!”   Sam comes running away from doors.  Sam:  “We saw Jim, we saw Jim!”  Jayme and Caleb follow suit yelling:  “We saw Jim!”  Jayme:  “We saw all three of them!”  Sam:  “We saw all of them now!”  Caleb:  “Yeah!  We saw all of them!”  All three (LAs that is) turn around and race back to the doors singing “Welcome To The Family”.

15th Scene:
Ronnie Booth talking with the line of people at the door.  He sees and points at the camera and says, “Is that thing on?  Oh man, I’ve got a bad hair day!”  [Laughter]  He turns back to the people and says, “I’ll see you guys later!  Glad you’re here!  It’s gonna be a good night!”  Ronnie goes back into building, and Sam, Jayme, and Caleb erupt into cheers and giggles.  Somebody behind the Garms family (Bruce) says, “Ah, they were recording all of that!”

16th Scene:
Jayme:  “Ronnie…[Gulp]…he came up.  When he saw us, we were at the window, and he went…[crouches down and waves]…and he came to the doors and he said ‘Hi!’ and he…[Jayme shivers]…Ah!  Yeah!  *Gasp*”  Caleb:  “He [Ronnie] called Sam ‘tiger’.”

17th Scene:
Sam standing by the line of waiting people says, “Ronnie is very kind!  And he even called me ‘tiger’!”

18th Scene:
The Garms family is at the front of the line with other friends and people.  The Major starts to open the doors.  Some of the background comments:  Jan:  “…going to tell her we’re getting ready.  We’re gonna get run over, I know it!”  The doors open.  Bruce:  “They’ve [the LAs] just been jumping up and down!”  Sam, Jayme, and Caleb cheer “Hooray!” and walk through the doors.  Sam:  “Forward!”  Jay:  “Bruce, we’re following you!”  Bruce:  “I’m following the kids!  Ha Ha!”  Dad:  “Come on, boys, girls!”

19th Scene:  Some of the Garms and friend Jan walk down the aisle, find a front-row pew, and make themselves comfy.

Taylor Talking With the Audience

20th Scene:
Taylor:  “Why do you like the Booth Brothers?”  Man:  “Ah, I like their harmony; I like their spontaneity; I love their humor.”

21st Scene:
Eunice:   “We like ’em [the Booth Brothers] all; we love ’em all!”

22nd Scene:
Taylor:  “Let me take it they’re probably one of your most favorite Southern Gospel groups, right?”  Husband and Wife, “Absolutely!”

23rd Scene:
Michael Booth looks up in a pleased fashion.

24th Scene:
Taylor:  “So how long have you been seeing them [the Booth Brothers]?”  Eunice:  “Oh,  let’s see…”  Looks at her husband.  Looks back, “…fifty years?!  No!”  Eunice breaks out laughing.

25th Scene:
Michael Booth breaks out laughing.

26th Scene:
Taylor:  “Do you have a favorite Booth Brother?  Man:  “Ah, I wouldn’t  want to go that far; Michael might be upset if I didn’t choose him.”

27th Scene:
Michael Booth drops shoulders in a disappointed fashion.

28th Scene:
Husband:  “Michael is so crazy!”

29th Scene:
Michael Booth does a raspberry.

30th Scene:
Kathy: “Yes”  Taylor:  “Ok, this is the message.  We need more Southern Gospel people here in Minnesota, OK?”  Kathy and Taylor agree.

Taylor:  “Kathy and I are in agreement!”

31st Scene:
Michael Booth leans into camera and says with Taylor’s voice:  “We need more Southern Gospel people here in Minnesota, OK?.”  It goes back to his voice and he says laughingly, “I’m sorry!”


32nd Scene:
Michael Booth:  You’ve got to offset the junk that’s gone into…Junk in, junk out…so good in, good out.  So even if you are [Loud table screech] watching television [Table screech continues], we need to make sure that we’re not watching [Rumble] too much…”  The table rumbling and screech suddenly builds to an unprecedented level.  Michael, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb look down hallway.  Michael turns toward the camera with a hilariously frustrated look on his face, and turns back.  Sam, Jayme, and Caleb are wondering what Michael is going to do next!  Michael turns back, pounds his chest and says, “Excuse me!”  Sam spins away in laughter.  The table continues screeching.  The table suddenly stops, and someone says, “What’s going on?”  Michael turns back to the camera and says, “There’s a blooper for you.  [Laughter] Put that on YouTube right there!”  Taylor:  “Oh Yeah!”  [Side note from the transcriber: you’re watching this, right? 🙂 ]  Michael:  “Anyway…” He breaks out laughing.  Table starts screeching again.  Someone:  “That’s a memory!”  Michael:  “Excuse me!”  Someone:  “That didn’t sound the best, was that you Michael?”  Michael:  “I don’t know…I’m sorry, but I do feel better!  I’m sorry.”  [Laughter]  Michael laughingly says:  “I don’t know…what were we talking about?”  Taylor:  “Good question!”  Michael:  ” I have no idea.”  Caleb:  “About the TV thing.” Michael:  “TV thing, yeah!”    Michael stops and collects his thoughts.

The End Of The Video

33rd Scene:
In the Garms van in Lakewood Temple’s parking lot, late at night.  Leesha:  “Five hours ago – no! – six, we arrived here, and now we’re leaving.”  A picture of the Garms family and the Booth Brothers flashes up.  Leesha:  “It’s been a long day.”

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  1. Great read you guys. Fun stuff. Keep it coming. 🙂


    We need more Southern Gospel people here in Minnesota!

    • We need more Southern Gospel people like this, period. 🙂

  3. The title is somewhat misleading. There are no concert highlights. This could be called the “Garms Family highlights at Booth Brothers concert”

    • Yes, there are concert highlights – just not of the singing. (We didn’t want to violate copyright laws!)

      The idea of this was to capture the experience – to capture a Southern Gospel concert primarily as younger people see it – with the conversations before and after the concert, with the group and others.

      • …and besides, you’ve seen all kinds of videos of the Booth Brothers singing. But I can practically guarantee you’ve never seen a video that captures the concert experience quite like THIS before! 🙂

    • Frank,

      I can understand why you would think the title somewhat misleading. This post was meant to show the broad reach of SGM. Our family, as well as many others (IMO), have been drawn to this genre for what goes on both before and after the concert. If it’s just about the music, we can turn to CDs, DVDs, MP3s, etc. and get our fill.

      Having been on both sides of the microphone, I see the excitement, the contact with the artist, and the ministry that happens. I was skeptical of the ministry and connection elements of SGM when we first began attending local concerts, but I’ve changed. This video is meant to demonstrate what so many people have experienced and seek to experience from a concert, especially before and after.

      I’m certainly not one to rely on emotionalism for the Gospel. God’s message and Word can stand on its own. I have seen the effects of the faithful witness of those like the Booth Brothers, Legacy Five, and many regional groups have had on our family and others. It is this message and their witness that created the basis for the highlights and excitement you saw in the video. It can be and is repeated by many who flock to the small venues as well as the NQC.

      A personal note I have is the encouragement and thoughts from the Booth Brothers after the concert. They shared with me the importance of the Gospel presentation to an audience. The people in the seats are seeking the hope and grace that only comes by the Gospel. Yes, the audiences seek it in the music, but they also seek it in the connection, transparency, and realness of the artist, most of which is seen before and after the concert. It is these conversations and touch points that drive the smiles of excitement shared from one small family in Minnesota and keep us looking forward to next year’s concert.

      -Dad for TGF

      • Very well said, Dad.

        When I go to concerts, I’m so much of a SG groupie that I know most all of the songs being sung. They are no different from what is playing in my mp3 player.

        I would even say that the music isn’t the number one reason I go to the concert. I enjoy going for the overall concert experience. I love seeing the artists just be themselves, both on and off stage. From the interactions between group members during the concert to seeing the artists mingle with their “fans” is something not seen in most other genres.

        I think one of the great things that does is shows a more “human” side to the artists. I believe it also takes away a bit of the artist idolization you see in other genres, though that could be more of a result of SG’s age demographic.

      • Josh, I agree – many of the groups I go to see are groups I’ve listened to so much that I can actually play their entire albums – tracks, solos, harmonies – back in my mind like a painter would bring a picture to mind. So unless a group has a live band – in which case I’m willing to pay more for a ticket – I’ve gotten to the point where I mainly go to concerts for the same reason: to talk with the artists before and afterward, and to learn more about their personalities and ministry style by spending entire intermissions, etc., standing against a wall on the side, watching them interact with their fans. 🙂

  4. We need more SG families like these. As we need especially the younger ones. Thanks for providing this video. What a sweet family you all are. Nice and well-behaved kids also.

  5. Booth brothers are talented people. Also I enjoyed reading your experience with them!

    • Agreed! I’ve always enjoyed the Booth brothers! and southern gospel in general for that matter!