Shannon Childress’s health takes turn for worse

Teresa Childress Lutz of the Childress Family just sent out an urgent request for prayer for her brother, former Childress Family and Hoppers pianist Shannon Childress.

I am appealing to everyone today to say a prayer for Shannon. We received a call last evening that he had taken a turn for the worse. Mom, Carla, my oldest daughter Amber (who is a registered nurse) and I left immediately for Nashville. When we arrived, I think his spirits were somewhat lifted, but he is in such horrible pain and appears to be giving up his fight. He is taking a great deal of pain medication for the pain management, but is still suffering tremendously. There will be no more chemo treatments in the future because this most recent one has really knocked him down to a point from which he may not be able to recover. That, along with the pain, has just caused him to deteriorate to a very serious level. Unless God intervenes (and we believe He still can), I just don’t know how much more my brother can stand.

Childress is presently in hospice care. The family requests prayers for his health and for strength for the whole family.

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  1. Prayers being said for this talented man and his gifted family.

  2. He is safe in God’s loving hands and our Father in Heaven knows what He is doing. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family.

  3. My prayers are with you all during this difficult time. Hang in there, Shannon!


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