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  1. Wow, that was interesting. I’m not sure George and Glen would have kicked off Boundless Love with a “Queen” throwback intro, but it was interesting…and fun.

    Just glad we were represented at the Doves!

  2. I saw some definite signs of Ian’s settling in and gaining “his” voice Loved it; but doggone it, the song was too short.:)

  3. Jason knocked it out of the park.

  4. Wow…that was very short(EHSS), a minute and twenty seconds by themselves!! I’m guessing Michael Booth doesn’t think his 11 minutes at NQC is short anymore!? 🙂

    -Mom for TGF

  5. I have looked at other videos of Ian, particularly with the Imperials, and from this I picked up that he is trying too hard to be like Tim Duncan. He is a good singer but he needs to develop his own image and show SSQ fans what he can bring to the table. I still love the intro to that song though. It adds a youthful vibe (and that does attract younger people like me, a 17 year old). Best of luck to the group, Can’t wait to hear them live!

    • Just how is Owens trying to be like Duncan?

  6. I just mean that Ian isn’t showing anything new. At the end he sounded like he was trying to imitate Tim, which didn’t sound as good as it could have. Tim does have a deeper range but Ian sounds like he has more emotion. I want to hear how Ian would take the part, you know, make it his own.

    • Possibly Ian is naturally more like Tim than some had assumed.

  7. There is no doubt in my mind though that this new era of EH&SS will be great. Ian will go far with the group. I am looking forward to a new album filled with great, new songs!

  8. Wow -so glad Jason won that award! He is one AWEsome singer – everything I’ve heard of his (which is not enough) has been absolutely fantastic. God bless him!

  9. Note to the individual whose comment was just deleted: You quite evidently did not read our comment guidelines, located directly above the box where you posted your comment. A comment of that nature would be promptly deleted, no matter the artist in question.

  10. The Doves are a joke! How could they now nearly forget what started it?!