Sirius/XM to discontinue enLighten next Tuesday

Next Tuesday, May 3, Sirius/XM will be removing enLighten from their satellite service and from Dish TV. It will remain, but as an online-only channel. If you are a Sirius/XM subscriber and want to see Southern Gospel still represented, let them know here:

  • Phone (Sirius): 1-888-539-7474
  • Phone (XM): 1-800-XM-RADIO or 1-877-291-5304
  • Email:
  • Mail: Mr. Scott A. Greenstein; President, Programming; Sirius XM Radio; 1221 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor; New York, NY 10020
  • Mail: Mr. Mel Karmazin; CEO; Sirius XM Radio; 1221 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor; New York, NY 10020

UPDATE, 5:33 PM: has been informed that the most effective method is mailing a letter, and the next most effective method is calling.

UPDATE, 5/4/11, 7:33 AM: You won! enLighten is staying on the air and moving to channel 18.

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  1. I am sooo disappointed!! My husband got me this for my birthday, And I have fell in love with Enlighten!! Where can I listen to and know all the lateest southern Gospel music? Ww live in an area where there is hardly ant southern gospel, if it wwre not for the Daywind caralog and us singing I would never ever hear it, afew groups here is all we have, please do not take this away, it has been my life everyday since I got it!!! God Bless and it is in his hands now!

    • There are plenty of options – plenty of free options, in fact – online:

      As an online-only channel, enLighten would blend into the background with the broad array of online options. Its distinctiveness is in its delivery method.

    • christian southern gospel music needs to be on the air. it is a good thing that is going. and a lot of people love this. and has been saved through this. and so i would like to say it is wrong to get rid of this station or gospel music.

  2. please continue to let us hear southern f=gospel music. we love this and are disappointed.

  3. sorry i hit wrong things. my key stuck please we love southern gospel music.

  4. Did the powers that be give any reason for this? Just wondering I see a lot of people talking about it but nobody seems to be saying why? I for one don’t listen to the channel except when I fly, they only seem to play 1 good song out of 15 anyways and I already have those on CD’S, or tapes.

    • Yeah – their number of channels has apparently been reduced, so they’re cutting the one(s) they value the least.

  5. This is obviously very disappointing. And the local SG radio stations have been on the decline for a while. Not necessarily in quality, but in quantity. But, has anybody heard the selection available on enLighten? It’s only a step above SG Pandora. The other internet radio stations may be a better source to listen to what YOU want to listen to. Or you could make some playlists on the ‘ole IPOD and jam out.

    Once again, I’m very disappointed and was a frequent listener to enLighten. But radio just ain’t what it used to be. Now bad song selection is ultimately their fault. But it just goes to show how much they cared about it in the first place. People ain’t listening because of their own ignorance of the genre. And they are trying to do business. Maybe we should have wrote e-mails and made phone calls “to improve the station” long ago, and we wouldn’t have to be e-mailing and calling now to “save enLighten”.

    Frustrated as you are…but saw it coming… it’s a shame.

    • Song selection could definitely have been better, no disputes there.

      I have a car that predates Sirius/XM, so I’m not personally a subscriber. But I did want to get the word out for those who are – and, also, when there’s a big enough story that everyone else is covering it, I feel remiss if I don’t mention it, even if I have less personally invested than people with newer cars. 🙂

  6. Please keep the enLighten channel on the air. I’ve been faithfully listening to this channel since I first got XM radio in my GMC Yukon Denali in 2005. I liked it so much that I purchased a lifetime subscription to XM before my trial expired. This past December, I added Sirius to my fiancées car so that we can listen to enLighten when we travel. I purchased another lifetime subscription because I knew she would love the music as much as I do because we both sing Southern Gospel music in church and other places and would hate to see this channel be removed. It has so much uplifting music.

    This channel has the best music in spreading the Gospel of Christ. What I like most is that when I travel, I can just tune into one channel and not have to “channel surf” to find other Southern Gospel music in addition to not having to worry about advertisements.

    It is one of a few channels that I actually listen to. Without this channel, I will look at canceling my subscription.

    Again, please reconsider removing this channel from the Sirius/XM channel lineup.

    • Jason – for your voice to have an impact, I’d suggest calling or mailing directly. Even if enLighten staffers see these comments, it’s a reasonable certainty that the brass in New York City would not.

  7. I also subscribe to Enlighten. While I don’t enjoy it as much as Solid Gospel, it was nice to have on long trips. They just needed a better selection of songs. The people they chose as djs knew nothing or very little of SG when they started the job, so the music wasn’t quite what I would like. I will miss it though!

  8. I texted my sis-in-law about this yesterday. (They have it; I don’t.) She was very disappointed and said she planned to call. I forwarded her the email from Crossroads this morning.

    Don’t they have a way of knowing who listens to what? I would think so – TV stats are always publishing how many viewers such-and-such had. Is that from surveys, or technology? Anyway, what they may be underestimating is the number of Christian subscribers who are only interested in that one channel. Or maybe we are overestimating it; I don’t know! 😀

    • It might be a little of both. Southern Gospel’s channel undoubtedly has fewer listeners than their CCM channel or some of their other channels—yet the part they probably do not realize is the percentage of listeners there who would indeed cancel, and wouldn’t roll over to another channel if enLighten is cancelled.

  9. When we called XMradio/sirius about the situation, we were told that Enlighten did not renew their contract. That certainly puts a whole new light on things. Would sure like to know what is the truth about this. We have a radio in each of our cars and listen solely to Enlighten. Would cancel our subscription if Enlighten is no longer on.

    • I don’t have any doubt that that’s what they told you. But after inquiring around, it seems as though that what they told you is not accurate (whether intentionally or not).

      While some channels may be programmed by outsiders and thus on a contractual basis, enLighten was run by a Sirius employee/staffer/perhaps volunteer, but at any rate not an outsider.

  10. If your really interested in getting the facts and making an impact you need to call their corporate office at 212 584-5100 and ask for programing. the other numbers take you to call centers in Asia and Africa and these folks just follow a script.


  12. These people only understand money. But, can anyone tell me some other options, especially for Dish network. I realize Direct TV has a channel, but I just changed to DISH

    • It’s my understanding that the enLighten channel will be removed from Dish. The only way to hear it will be by internet or over a smartphone app.

      I notice the information that was posted earlier at enLighten’s website has now been replaced with the same form letter Sirius/XM is sending to all email inquiries.

      Evidently the powers that be didn’t care for the previous statement.

  13. I canceled my subscription yesterday, and hope they made notes on why I did. No, Enlighten wasn’t the best SG channel in the world, but in my neck of the woods, it was the only one.

  14. In my neck of the woods Enlighten was and is the only sounthern gospel radio station to listen to. I have been a loyal listener since the start of this great station. I feel that Sirus/ XM should not make their monthly, yearly, and or liftime members be penalized into paying extra to listen online. This station has not only brought myself closer to God but has also helped me share his great message with my family and friends. I have had several friends and family listen to this station and just in the past week have made memberships with Sirus/ XM for this station only. At the time of making the membership we advised the on call personal that Enlighten was the only station that we cared to listen to. They never told them that it would soon be cut.
    I also not only feel upset to see that my family has now lost what money they have spent for the radio system, but also for Sirus/ XM who will lose customers off of it.
    This is truly a sign of the endtimes where the word of God is being taken away. I just feel that I will have to end my subscription with this company who see’s that it is better to have music that is either filled with dirty langauge and other programs that should have no right being on the air. This company needs some serious prayer.
    No Enlighten = No Music

  15. I am so sad and disappointed! Enlighten was the only reason that I subscribed to Sirius/XM. I will be bombarding them with calls, emails and letters expressing my disapproval and I hope that all of the Enlighten listeners will do the same. I will most likey discontinue my subscription. There are no other Southern Gospel stations available to me either.

    • One more thing…’s so sad to see that in this world when cuts or changes need to be made the first thing to go is anything affiliated with GOD. It’s very disappointing to see Sirius/XM falling into this same pattern.

      By my count the new channel has 14 POP channels, 22 ROCK channels (including INDIE rock) and at least 6 to 10 channels of most every other genre or category, but yet only 2 Christian/Gospel channels.

      This company definitely needs prayer…..I hope all of the listeners will ban together and express their disapproval to Sirius/XM and make our voice heard.

  16. Sirius infected XM with their Howard Stern-Mel Karmazin world view, which is anti-family and anti-Christian. XM was the company that carried enLighten. Sirius inherited it when the two sat services merged.

    I canceled my two XM radios yesterday. As a loyal XM subscriber for over five years, it was difficult. They offered three free months to stay connect. I declined the offer.

    The only reason I had sat radio was Southern Gospel music on XM34.

    So sad.

  17. I like Solid Gospel network better.

  18. I will be cancelling my subscription to sirius next week. This one station was seriously the ONLY reason I had it. Very sad that the people who pay for this service couldn’t even be “polled” for their opinion.

  19. I too am very disappointed that enlighten is leaving the satellite airways. I too will be cancelling my subscription this week.Enlighten is the only reason I paid the subscription. There are no other SG options available in my area. I will follow up with mail and phone calls. I want my voice heard in this matter.

    You would think that the groups and artists would also be upset about this since the gospel message and their individual music will not get out to their faithful listeners.

    • I don’t know if upset is the right word, but several groups and artists in my personal acquaintance are concerned, enough so to email about this to their mailing lists and encourage their enLighten-listening fans to call in.

  20. On-line won’t do me a lot of good running down the road! Too bad greed and money have taken hold of what was once a welcome addition to our travel time. Enlighten is a favorite because we’re “old school” and happen to think it’s real music and deserves air time. Sure beats Howard Stern as an option, for sure. Keep on messin’ with us “old folks” and you might find out who your listeners are (as we drop our subscriptions).

  21. Actually, they’ve never included Enlighten in any of their listener surveys, so they really don’t know have an “official” estimate of how many listeners there are.

    I have a feeling they’ll have a better idea of the listener base between now and Tuesday night.

    Side note: I have always assumed they don’t include Enlighten in their listener surveys because they’ve never actually had anything to do with it. Marlin Taylor volunteered his services, and provided all the programming. He has never been on the Sirius/XM payroll, so I think they’ve always viewed the channel as an “outsider”.

    • Gerald,
      In 2007, Marlin Taylor indicated that enLigten was among the top 20 percent of all XM channels.

      [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]

      This information was based on polling by Arbitron and another company he didn’t mention in my interview at that time.

      I don’t know what sort of measuring has been done post-merger with Sirius, but it would appear there were polls to measure the channel’s popularity when it was just with XM.

  22. We have just learned that enlighten was being dropped from Dish Network. This was a great disappointment as we listen to it much of the time in house. Did not know until tonight that XM was dropping it from lineup.We got as vehicle last year that had XM radio in it and saw Southern Gospel music channel was available. We signed up for it and listen only to Enlighten and Willies Place. We just traded cars for my wife and had a radio installed in her car also. We are going to be left with no southern gospel music which we love. We will be cancelling as this is all we wanted the XM for. We are very disappointed in this decison.

  23. The only reason we continue our subscripton is for channel 34 enlighten. We will be canceling out XM.
    So sad.

  24. I am very disappointed. enLighten is the only reason I even have a TV on. I moved from DirecTv to DISH when Direct dropped enLighten from their lineup. I listen to enLighted all the time. It is all I “watch”. It is such a wonderful, constant reminder of Who is really in charge. Uplifting, comforting, grounding, a confirmation of what is Real. I will call tomorrow. If the move off the air goes through, it will be a small battle won for Satan, perhaps, but I know WHO has already won the war. Marlin, thank you for all of your work and all you have done to connect with the enLighten listeners. You made this station feel like a friend’s home.

  25. When we got my new Honda CRV it came with XM radio. We were not going to subscribe; but, when we heard Enlighten during the trial period, we were hooked. We subscribed for 2 years and are due for renewal soon. Enlighten is the only channel I have ever listened to. I WILL NOT BE CONTINUING MY SUBSCRIPTION.

  26. Along with all the rest of the people up here we cannot get southern gospel music on any other station. having has ‘sirius’ in my car the last year it’s been a delight – now what will I do since I do not have a computer. I am VERY dissappointed that Enlighten is being taken off the air. Why do we need so many ‘rock’ stations etc. and NO gospel music stations?

    Please reconsider your decision.

  27. We will be canceling our subscription, which is always l and sometimes 2 depending on how many vehicles we own. It is the only station we listen to when traveling, which we do a lot. When home it’s our favoite on TV, 6067, also.

  28. Living in Northwest Indiana, southern gospel concerts are few and far between, so having Enlighten in the car was great, and the only darn reason I signed up for Sirius at all. I have emailed and called them and made it very clear that I will be terminating my subscription!

  29. I, too, am disappointed that I will not have any radio stations in my area (Minneapolis) where I can receive Southern Gospel music in my car. Also, I enjoyed listening to Enlighten in Northern Minnesota where there is NEVER any good music to listen to on the radio. I will be canceling my subscription also, because Enlighten is the only reason I have it.

  30. I just called to cancel and the repersenative informed me that enlighten will be on 18 due to overwhelming response. If this is true I will not cancel. I belive in the power of prayer

  31. I just heard on enLighten XM34 that the channel is moving to channel 18. I could not believe what I heard, so I checked your website to see if there was anything on it….nothing. I then called the SiriusXM number, and lo and behold, Praise the Lord, it is true!!!!! We will now be able to continue hearing enLighten on channel 18. Everyone should call them and thank them. The nice lady told me they have had many calls.

  32. Great News! I just received this from Sirius XM:

    The enLighten channel – currently heard on Sirius 67 and XM 34 – will continue on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio and move to channel 18 on your Sirius and XM satellite receiver starting at midnight ET May 4th, 2011. You’ll be able to listen to all of the special shows and music you currently hear on enLighten on Sirius or XM channel 18.

    WE HAVE BEEN HEARD! I now will renew my subscription.


    • Mike, does that affect satellite channels?

  33. When I turn to Dish Network, 6018, it says southern gospel, but it is rap music! I can’t do radio on the internet, I have broadband not DSL. Is Sirius XM just for in your car? Don’t have that either. Needless to say, this AM I am not a happy camper. Love, love southern gospel, so I will make my dismay known to the powers that be. Thank you for your help. Lyn Ridenour

  34. I am disappointed about them discontinueing this station. this is not good. us gospel fans like our music too!

  35. Disappointed is not a good word to describe How I felt when I couldn’t find Enlighten on my Dish menu. I started trying to find where I could tell somebody and was given the number above, 888 539 7474. I called and they kept asking ME questions and evading answering mine, WHY. It’s like they couldn’t understand why I was calling after repeating it several times. I want to go on record as saying what a tragedy this is for SG music lovers, which I am one. I want it back on Dish. I can’t afford another bill to get it on radio.

  36. I am very disappointed that Enlighten has been dropped. Our new vehicle came with a 3 months trial of XM. Now that Enlighten has been cancelled we will not pick up the subscription. It is the only station we would listen to on trips.

  37. Very disspointed,I have XM in the car,and DISH in the house.I feel DISH and XM Radio has let Southern Gospel Music fans down.Why did you change it ????. If you want to change something change 6064 or any contemporary gospel music.I been a southern gospel fan for 55 years,don’t forget the older listners.We are still here paying our DISH / XM bills.If it not broke don’t fix it.VERY VERY VERY disspointed !!!


  38. Hey guys, it was saved at the last minute (practically). Look at the updates above. It has only changed channels

    • Quartet-Man, it goes without saying that you are right. 🙂

      I have largely given up to replying to comments which vent frustration about something which the post clearly states has been changed and is no longer the case. 🙂 I’ve found that the people who don’t actually read a post before commenting almost never check back to read replies.

      I have actually put a fair amount of thought into envisioning what sort of thing would lead someone to make a drive-by comment without reading the post on which they’re commenting. They must have heard somewhere that enLighten was going away. Maybe they went on teh interwebs to speak their mind, Googled whatever words came to mind, and found this post. They must assume that surely the corporate brass will hear them no matter where on teh interwebs they have spoken their mind.

      Yes, I know, I’m talking about some of them here, in the third person, in a post where they’ve commented. I think there’s a 2-to-1 chance none of them who posted without reading stop back to read comments – and a 10-to-1 chance they don’t all stop back!

      (I could see where someone might assume that I have too much time on my hands this afternoon! In point of fact, I’m actually taking a break from CD reviews. 🙂 )

      • Yeah Daniel, I ignored the first one or so I think, but after seeing several people it seems chiming in, I had to try. I can see them calling Enlighten and maybe THEN getting the message. I have noticed people still surprised that Guy and Marsh are gone from the Vocal Band. Now, I realize that some of us really keep up with things, read blogs etc. whereas they might just watch a Gaither video on TV, but still. 😀

      • Agreed. There is a point of absurdity past which there is enough temptation to be sarcastic that sometimes I’ll avoid the valley of temptation by leaving the comment answered! 🙂

      • I understand. 😀

  39. UPDATE, 5/4/11, 7:33 AM: You won! enLighten is staying on the air and moving to channel 18.

  40. enlighten gone again,now what?

  41. I have been so disappointed in removing enlighten from Sirius radio. I grew up on gospel music and have enjoyed it ever since. It is one of the better radio stations in my opinion on Sirius radio. Nothing else they have compares to enlighten. There was no foul language or suggestive lyrics just plain good gospel singing. I think they have done a great injustice to the people out there who enjoyed listening to gospel music.


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