Saturday News Roundup #70: Gold City song featured at Royal Wedding

Well, kinda.

Prince William and Katherine’s wedding yesterday included the almost-forgotten hymn “Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah.” I will freely admit that I didn’t watch the wedding—but I’ll guarantee you this: No matter how good the rendition was there, there’s no way it matches Gold City’s iconic 2000 20th Anniversary Live rendition. They had an earlier studio version on Within the Rock—inspired by a 1960s Couriers rendition. But the live version with Jay Parrack, Jonathan Wilburn, Mark Trammell, Tim Riley, and a live band, defines that song.

In other news, Freedom signed with the Dominion Agency yesterday. The trio, led by industry veterans John Rulapaugh and Josh Garner, has shown great promise of being one of Southern Gospel’s top groups in the near future.

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  1. Well technically they featured a hymn, which Gold City has recorded.

    • That’s why I clarified the headline in the story. 🙂

      Saturdays are the relaxed day around here, where we’re supposed to kick back and not take ourselves too seriously – not as seriously as usual! 🙂

  2. I saw the wedding and heard the song…. Trax were too loud.

  3. Michael is right. You could clearly hear the stacks on the trax too.

    • “Michael is right. You could clearly hear the stacks on the trax” That’s the facts, the singers might say get off their backs, but I think they got a little lax. 😉

  4. No comparison, like apples and oranges. You can’t compare a huge pipe organ, full orchestra(heavy on the brass), boys and men’s chancel choir, and 1,900+ voice congregation, the royal fanfare trumpets all mixed in the acoustics of the 16th century Westminster Abby- with 4 guys and trax! Sorry….

    Take that list and go Jubilee (BBs, GV, L5), then we can talk! lol

    • You can compare the arrangements and the vocal quality, though. 🙂

      Choirs virtually always sound muddy. Way too much imprecision when you get that many voices into the mix…

  5. A comment has been deleted; one commenter called another commenter “foolish” and “barbaric” for stating that a certain quartet was musically superior to a certain choir.

    (1) Using belittling names is against the comment guidelines.

    (2) You are entitled to hold an opinion that all SG is inferior to all British choir music . . . and you are entitled to go find a British choir blog on which to advocate that opinion. 🙂

    • *walks by whistling innocently*

  6. The song that was sung was “Guide me o
    Great Redeemer.
    The name of the song was also across the bottom of the
    television screen so one could not possibly make the case for “Jehovah.”
    But I did not watch US television.

    • Ugh. I hate to hear it when a hymn is performed to a wide audience, but its lyrics are intentionally butchered. That reminds me of the time, a year or two back, when all the Christians and non-christians who sought to be idols sang a rendition of “Shout to the Lord” that had Jesus edited out.

  7. Daniel I agree!! There are millions of songs without ‘Jesus’ in them, I don’t know why they don’t just use the songs that are already written that way. I guess because a song like Shout To The Lord is SO anointed that they hope to experience the power they feel from it and yet delete the power Source from the lyrics. It doesn’t usually work…

  8. “they hope to experience the power they feel from it and yet delete the power Source from the lyrics. It doesn’t usually work…”

    Great point!

  9. Btw, you probably remember me saying in the fall that I had another ‘singing appointment’ scheduled this spring with Pres. Bush. It went wonderfully and I sang a few I’ve never done before like GVB’s Yes I Know and Michael English’s There’s Not A Crown Without A Cross as well as some favorites (Impossible Dream, How Deep The Father’s Love) and even a few Hillsongs’ selections! ( a deviation from SG :-)). It’s amazing how music (and not just SG) can draw even a very diverse group of people into unity with each other and the living God.

    • Congrats Susan!

      Would “Impossible Dream” be the same one Gomer sang on that TV show? 😉

      • Lol! The same lyrics but the arrangement of Luther Vandross.