Guess the Baby Picture Contest (Part 1)

Do you know your favorite singers well enough that you would recognize them anywhereβ€”even in pictures from when they were children?

Let’s find out. Can you name these three performers?

UPDATE, 5/3/11, 9:28 AM: 26 1/2 hours and 146 comments later, we have a winner! The three individuals are Pat Barker (Mark Trammell Quartet), Lauren Talley (Talley Trio), and Bryan Hutson (Kingsmen)!

Singer 1: Pat Barker

singer 1

Singer 2: Lauren Talley

Correctly guessed by Brian, who posted the first guess, and by several others. The prize, though, goes to the first person to guess all three!

singer 2

Singer 3: Bryan Hutson

singer 3

The first person to name all three correctly wins a copy of Ivan Parker’s Under Grace CD as a prize.

Strategy tip: If you only post one, (a) it doesn’t count, and (b) if you’re right, it only gives others a head start to beating you!

And even if you don’t win this one . . . we have future installments in the works!

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  1. This is pretty cool. I’m gonna have to think on this. LOL!

  2. I’ll take a shot in the dark. I’m not very good at this sort of thing. My guess is that it’s the Talley Trio.

    Pic 1: Debra
    Pic 2: Lauren
    Pic 3: Roger

    • Hmm. Should I give play by play results, or only say when someone gets all three right?

      Thoughts, anyone? πŸ™‚

      (You did not get all three right, at any rate!)

  3. This is tough! Great job Daniel…
    1. Jeff Chapman
    2. Charlotte Ritchie
    3. Mike Holcomb

    • You did not get all three correct. Feel free to keep trying!

      (Please note that in each of the cases where I say you did not get “all three” correct, I’m not saying necessarily that all three are wrong, either!)

  4. OK. Here’s how I will do it. If, after 24 hours, nobody has guessed all three, I will note the correct ones that have been individually guessed.

    • That is fair!

      • #2 was running strongly enough that I decided to go ahead and reveal that it was indeed Lauren.

        I can assure you of this: The others certainly haven’t reached majority status yet, and for at least one of them the correct name has not been suggested by anyone yet!

  5. Jeff Chapman (not sure about this one)
    Charlotte Ritchie
    Roger Talley

    • Sorry, you didn’t get all three correct (not necessarily saying whether or not any of them were correct!)

  6. Lauren Talley
    Debra Talley
    Roger Talley

    • Sorry, you did not get all three right. (Incidentally: I did not say all three were from the same group, though I note several have made that assumption.)

      • I know, but that was just who they looked like to me.

  7. 1) Sonya Isaacs
    2) Lauren Talley
    3) Mark Lowry

    Very tough, especially the last picture. Complete guess!

    • Sorry – you did not get all three correct!

      • I think Daniel has given away that #2 is definitely Lauren Talley. Since it’s obvious that #3 isn’t Mark, and Daniel himself has said #1 can’t be Sonya, but he did not tell Phil that he got everything wrong, and #2 looks like a Talley anyway, everything is pointing to that conclusion.

        Plus, watch this helpful video clip and compare with the photo:

      • I have only said what I have said. Feel free to draw your own conclusions! πŸ™‚

  8. pic 1 – Sonya Isaacs
    pic 2 -Lauren Talley
    pic 3- Roger Talley

    • This answer does not have all three correct. Sorry!

  9. Without revealing who it is:

    Y’all have been providing me with some incredible entertainment this morning! Singer #1 has been guessed, variously, to be Sonya Isaacs, Lauren Talley, Debra Talley, and Jeff Chapman. Should Jeff take that as a compliment? πŸ˜€

    • Haha! I thought the same thing.

      • Oh, and now we can also add Kim Hopper to that distinguished list! πŸ™‚

  10. #1 is tough as the clothes and hairstyle could go either way as far as boy or girl. I chose Chapman by what was here only for lack of a better guess. Sonya is an absolute beauty, so if that is her, I hope she forgives me. πŸ˜€ For that matter, if it is a woman, I ask the same.

    So, I have two guesses I will do them separately:
    Sonya Isaacs (SIC?)
    Charlotte Ritchie
    Roger Talley

    • And I assume you’ll also apologize if it’s indeed a bass singer, Jeff or otherwise? πŸ™‚

      Sorry, this answer does not have all three correct.

      • Well, I guess a bass singer hopefully is secure enough in his masculinity to be able to overlook it. πŸ˜‰

  11. Kim Hopper
    Charlotte Ritchie
    Roger Talley

    By the way, I am very certain the last is not Lowry. I have seen pictures of him young and that is not him

    • Sorry, this answer does not have all three correct.

  12. Sonya Isaac
    Susan Whisnant
    Jeff Whisnant

    • Sorry, none of the three are correct on this one!

  13. ben isaacs
    lauren talley
    jeff chapman

    • Sorry, this answer does not have all of the three guessed correctly.

  14. I’m not good at this but I’m gonna take a stab at it anyway!! These were just my first impressions.

    #1 Ronnie Booth
    #2 Morgan Easter (actually I thought it was Sheri but I don’t think that would have been the decor at the time)
    #3 Scott Fowler

    • Sorry, none of these three are correct!

  15. I also have a hunch that #1 is Scott Fowler. πŸ˜‰

  16. 1. Roger Fortner
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Anthony Burger

  17. Enough of you – starting with Brian, who posted the first guess – have gotten #2 right that I have confirmed that Brian (and many of those following him) are indeed correct. It’s Lauren Talley.

    On to the other two! πŸ™‚

  18. 1. Scott Fowler
    2 Lauren Talley
    3. Roger Talley

    • In the above guess, only #2 is correct.

  19. 1. Jeff Chapman
    3. Rodney Griffin

    • No on both counts – sorry! πŸ™‚

  20. If I’m not correct on my aforementioned guess for number 3 (since it was a complete shot in the dark), my second guess for it would be:

    3. Dean Hopper

  21. 1 Michael Booth
    2 Lauren Talley
    3 Roger Talley

    Who knows? haha

  22. I’m pretty sure #3 is Danny Riley….

  23. By the way: Let me assure you that #1 and #3 are both well-known singers in Southern Gospel’s biggest groups.

  24. 1. Scott Fowler
    3. Michael Booth

  25. #1 ben isaacs
    #3 scott fowler

  26. 1. Gary Casto
    3. Mike Holcomb

    • I can at least say that not all of the above are correct. πŸ™‚

  27. Well I’m not particularly angling for a prize so I’ll just guess Ernie Haase for #3.

  28. Here are my guesses!
    1. David Sutton
    2. Lauren Talley (Known)
    3. Gerald Wolfe

  29. #1 – #3
    #2 Lauren Talley
    #3 – #1 πŸ˜€

  30. Oh sorry, #3 can’t be Ernie Haase because Ernie has brown eyes.

    • Not sure why, but I lol’ed at this.

  31. #1 Jim Brady
    #2 Lauren Talley
    #3 Jeff Chapman

    Not much more than a guess, but Jim was the first person I thought of when I looked at pic #1.

    #2 was obviously Lauren.

    I have no clue on #3, but so many people have thrown out Jeff has a guess, I will too!

    • #3 is not a bass singer. Sorry! πŸ™‚

  32. 1. Kim Collingsworth
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Doug Anderson

    • #3 – no

      #1 – I’ve had enough of a laughter overdose today that I’m just going to have to come out and say it!

      No, #1 is not Sonya Isaacs.
      No, #1 is not Lauren Talley.
      No, #1 is not Debra Talley.
      No, #1 is not Kim Hopper.
      No, #1 is not Kim Collingsworth.

      I’m concerned enough that #1 will get way too much ribbing from the guys on his bus over this, and I’m feeling so bad for himβ€”yes, himβ€”that I’ll say it.

      #1 is a man.

      • Well then…

        1. Jim Brady
        2. Lauren Talley
        3. Gary Casto

  33. i am not sure but i will say that the # 3 is jason crabb 2 is lauren talley and 1 jim brady

    • No, and no. Sorry, Evan, but you’re welcome to keep guessing!

  34. I can’t play as I haven’t a clue who #1 is. You haven’t said #3 is not Mark Lowry and if it’s not it’s his twin.

    • Well, it’s not, and I am under the impression that Mark has no twin. (That would be good thing. I don’t think the world has room for two Mark Lowrys!)

  35. Suzanne Gaither

  36. 1. Mike Hopper
    2. Lauren Talley (too easy)
    3. Bryan Hutson

    I admit #1 and #3 are complete guesses, but I also have other options in those slots…

    • Hmm. Keep guessing, and post each combination you think of. πŸ™‚

      And take that as a hint, if you like. πŸ™‚

      • 1. Mike Hopper
        2. Lauren Talley
        3. Roger Talley

      • You have at least one correct, but certainly not all three. πŸ™‚

        (Part of the reason that I’m saying things so many different ways is that WordPress won’t let me post two comments on the same post in the same way!)

      • Well of course I have at least one since Lauren is correct. Of course if I had all three you would have said so. The question is if I have two right. πŸ˜›

  37. #1 Scott Fowler
    #3 Eric Bennett

  38. I don’t know, but this was fun!

  39. Ok, did you add any color to these pictures?

    1. Mike Hopper
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Mark Trammell

    but i keep thinking Trammell can only have black and white pictures…

    • Lol!!!

  40. 1. Pat Barker
    3.. Mike Holcomb

    This is my last hope, I’m giving up after this guess!

  41. 1. Jim Brady
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Scott Inman

  42. 1.Mike Hopper
    2.Lauren Talley
    3.Scott Inman

  43. Singer 1 is Ricky Carden – Down East Boys

  44. 1. Jim Brady, 3. Courtney Collingsworth

  45. i gonna guess the michael hopper is 3 lauren talley is 2 and 1 scott inman

  46. Okay, you got us stumped, searching our Singing News, and staying up too late! Here’s our best guesses:
    1. Glenn Dustin
    2. Lauren Talley (obviously)
    3. Ummm….

    We’re still puzzling over number three. Mom’s best guess was Danny Jones, but we reminded her that he wasn’t with any group. πŸ˜‰

    It’ll probably hit us in the middle of the night (oh…it is the middle of the night). Oh well. We tried!

    -BLT for TGF

    • Last shot: is number three YOU??? (Sorry, we’re sleep-deprived – please forgive us!) πŸ˜€


      • Might be my favorite guess so far! (I’m sleep-deprived too)

      • No – I was actually never that skinny. Seriously!

    • Last, LAST shot:
      3. Roger Fortner.

      It was Leesha’s first impression. Ben and Taylor had to wake up before they agreed! πŸ˜†


      • Sorry, no. (Sorry, BT, I guess it wasn’t worth waking you up for!) πŸ™‚

  47. 1. Jim Brady
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Dean Hopper

  48. OK, I am pleasantly surprised. I was starting to think that one of these would elude you all, permanently! All three individuals have now been named, and in the correct pictures . . . just not together.

    So the prize goes to the first person to get the right combination!

  49. 1 .Jim Brady
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Glen Dustin

    • Sorry, that’s not the right combination.

  50. 1. Jim Brady
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Mike Holcomb

  51. I’ll try one more guess, hoping I haven’t overlooked you saying no about these previously.

    #1 Jim Brady
    #2 Lauren Talley
    #3 Mike Hopper

  52. 1- pat barker
    2- lauren talley
    3- gary castro

    • Sorry, not the right combination (and no, I’m not counting castro vs. Casto against you in the guess!)

      • my bad πŸ™ (sorry to Gary!)

      • Not a problem, on my end at least! πŸ™‚

  53. let’s try this again…think we’re going to go with the process of elimination.

    1- Scott Fowler
    2- Lauren Talley
    3- Gary Casto

    • Sorry . . . not the right combination!

  54. #1 Jim Brady
    #2 Lauren Talley
    #3 Ricky Carden

    • Paul – sorry, it’s not the right combination!

  55. 1- jim brady
    2- lauren talley
    3- gary casto

    • Sorry, no!

      You’re bound to hit on it one of these guesses . . . let’s see if anyone else wakes up in time to join the fun. (It’s 8:40, sleepyheads! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ )

  56. Jim Brad
    Lauren Talley
    Bryan Hutson

  57. Jim Brady
    Lauren Talley
    Bryan Hutson

  58. Gary Casto
    Lauren Talley
    Jim Brady
    This is a different order…

  59. 1- mike hopper
    2- lauren talley
    3- gary casto

  60. Jim Brady
    Lauren Talley
    Mike Holcomb

  61. jim Brady
    Lauren Talley
    Dean Hopper

    Can’t remember if this has already been guessed

    • Guessed or not, it’s not the right one.

  62. 1- glenn dustin
    2- lauren talley
    3- gary casto

  63. 1. Scott Fowler
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson

    • I can entirely see how you would get to this point. You are right on two out of the three, in fact. πŸ™‚

  64. We all know that #2 is Lauren Talley, but is there any way you could confirm that #3 is Bryan Hutson??

    • If it is Bryan Hutson, I will certainly confirm it at such time as someone guesses #1 correctly!

  65. 1. Mike Hopper
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson

  66. 1. Jeff Chapman
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson

    • I believe I said earlier that #1 wasn’t Jeff Chapman . . . but if not, I’ll say it now. It’s not Jeff Chapman.

  67. 1. Jim Brady
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson

    • Sorry, not this combination! (I thought someone did it already.)

      • I might have missed it.

  68. 1. Glenn Dustin
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson

  69. 1. Gary Casto
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson

    Running short on my process of elimination options.

    • Sorry, no. You’re right – there aren’t too many combinations left. Someone’s practically guaranteed to get that prize within the next few minutes!

  70. 1. Mike LeFevre
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson

  71. 1. Mike Lefevre
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Mike Holcomb

    • Sorry, no!

      • Well, flitter sticks. LOL!

  72. 1. Jim Brady
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson

    • No, not this combination. (I seem to think that one was guessed a few above.)

  73. 1. Pat Barker
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson


      Paul, please transmit your preferred mailing address to us via the contact form (see the menu). An Ivan Parker CD will be on its way to your door soon! πŸ™‚

      • Congrats Paul!!

      • Congrats, Paul! I knew three was right because of things Daniel said about guesses. So, I was trying to zero in on one with guesses already given and ones dismissed since Daniel said the correct name had been guessed. As far as Pat getting teased, there are some boys who are especially cute and some girls who are tomboys, so I think that is where the problem lay. Plus with some clothes and hairstyles (to some degree) being unisex. it is hard to tell sometimes with certain kids.

      • Yes, it can be hard to tell sometimes. But between the hair color change and the change in facial features from those of a younger boy to an unmistakably bass singer, I knew that was going to be the biggest challenge!

      • I totally lucked up into knowing the bottom two. Once I blindly put Scott Fowler, Lauren, and Bryan in and Daniel said I had two right, I went back up and saw where he told someone that Scott was not right for #1. After that, it was kind of process of elimination from the earlier guesses. Although, I obviously thought that some of the other guesses matched the pictures better than the correct response.

        This was a fun contest. Thanks Daniel.

      • I didn’t realize I’d said that Scott wasn’t #1. Yeah, if you were paying close enough attention to put two and two together like that, you certainly deserve the prize! πŸ™‚

      • That’s what I was going, but you beat me to it. However, you got the two right when I didn’t, so you deserved it more anyhow.

  74. 1. Jim Brady
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Gary Casto

    • Sorry . . . we already had a winning entry by the time this comment came. It’s Pat Barker, Lauren Talley, and Bryan Hutson.

  75. 1. Roger Fortner
    2. Lauren Talley
    3. Bryan Hutson

    • Sorry . . . we already had a winning entry by the time you commented. It’s Pat Barker, Lauren Talley, and Bryan Hutson.

      • Yeah, I saw that after I guessed. The gravatar site slows things down here. Well, that and I am on a netbook and Firefox has memory issues. Anyhow, I don;t think #3 looks like Bryan. I kept guessing Talley because of the eyes. I wish I had asked his brother Jim. I could have gotten that out of the way sooner. πŸ˜€

      • Try Chrome on a netbook, maybe?

        I have a REALLY old laptop at home (Win-XP, and failing in many of its parts), which I use when I’m working out. It’s so slow that the only browser that will run on it with anything like reasonable speeds is Chrome.

      • Firefox works well at first, but memory usage keeps increasing until I reboot Firefox and start over. I have plugins I use on it. IE 8 works fine on the netbook, but I try to avoid it. πŸ˜€

      • That mirrors my experience with Firefox. Have you tried Chrome? I imagine it’ll easily be the fastest – that’s been probably the biggest focus for its engineers (at least, alongside security).

  76. This was addicting – I have to admit I don’t know any of these people! I’m sure I know their bands, just not by name. I figured out Bryan Hutson by going back and putting previous posts/ clues together.

    • Yes, if you’ve spent any time listening to Southern Gospel radio, online, on YouTube, etc., I imagine you’ve heard all three with their groups before.

      • Could you post which groups these three are in? I’m sorry, I listen to TONS of music of all kinds but I’m not too deeply rooted in SG, despite my Texan heritage…

      • Sure – it’s actually in the post above, but I can re-post down here. Pat Barker – Mark Trammell Quartet.

        Lauren Talley – Talley Trio

        Bryan Hutson – Kingsmen

      • Pat Barker currently sings with Mark Trammell Quartet. Lauren Talley sings with The Talley Trio with her dad Roger and mother Debra. Bryan Hutson sings with the mighty Kingsmen!!

      • Cross-post. πŸ™‚

      • LOL! Sorry about that. Just trying to help out. πŸ˜‰

      • LOL thanks Daniel and J.C. – it’s called teamwork πŸ™‚

  77. So let me get this right, I started out looking like Lauren and Debra Talley, Kim Hopper, Kim Collingsworth, and Sonja Issacs. I then turned out to look like ME! WOW!!! The years have not been kind! Congrats Paul! And thanks Daniel for using my Pic, this was alot of fun!!

    • If you didn’t wear glasses now, I bet it would have been a little easier. But still, that was a tough one. The lighter, longer hair, is nothing like what we see now.

    • Pat,

      Thank you so much for sharing the picture – and for being so gracious about all the astonishingly incorrect answers! πŸ™‚

    • Pat, you are still the man!! LOL! It was the hair that I could not get over. I just knew #3 was Bryan but #1 was killing me!! This was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next edition of “Name That Southern Gospel Superstar!”


    • It’s not.

      If you look above in the comments (or, actually now, in the post itself), you’ll see that the winners have been revealed. πŸ™‚


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