In Charlotte for Gaither Homecoming Taping

Bill Gaither and over 100 Southern Gospel artists are in Charlotte, North Carolina today for a Homecoming video taping on the grounds of the Billy Graham Center.

I have never been to a Homecoming video taping before. Since I figure Bill isn’t getting any younger, and there can’t be all that many Homecoming video tapings left – and almost certainly none any closer to where I live – I decided it was worth braving Charlotte traffic. (Quartet-man, referencing our recent discussion about Charlotte traffic, this is what it takes!)

I didn’t say anything till now, since so many things could have kept this from working out. But I’ve made it to Charlotte safely, so things are looking pretty good. 🙂

How many of you have been to a Homecoming video taping?

And for those of you who have not, what would you like to see my concert report include?

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  1. Cool. That is a pretty good reason. 😀 I have never been to any. The ones I would have loved to have been to include: “Cathedrals Farewell” (or other Cathedrals specific tapings), Gaither Vocal Band Reunion (or other specific GVB tapings), Oak Ridge Boys A Gospel Journey taping. Now there are others, I am sure, but those are the ones I wish I could have. The GVB and Oaks ones mentioned by name would have been more possible as I live in Indiana (even though Alexandria is a bit away), but I believe both were closed sets. I know the GVB one was as I remember it coming up on a board and someone being told that.

  2. My buddy Chris Walton is singing lead with Melody Boys and I think this is their first time to be on a taping and I know it is Chris’s first time. I would love to hear what songs they do and also Mitchel Jon is there as well. I would also love to know if Gene McDonald sings with the GVB any? That is all I have for now. LOL! Thanks Daniel and enjoy!

    • Hidee JC and Everyone,
      Simply as clarification, The Melody Boys Quartet will be appearing on a Gaither concert; however, it is not the one today in NC. They will be on the Gaither Homecoming in Little Rock, AR on Friday, May 20. They are looking forward to this great opportunity!

  3. Being the techy (or techie?) that I am, I’m most interested in some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on. That may be tough though to figure out what is behind-the-scenes and whats not.

    Try not to disclose too many attending artists, because I think it’d be fun to do the photo thing like we did for the Thanksgiving DVDs to see who was there.

    • Josh – they’ve already posted the artist list, on the page where tickets were sold, so it’s actually a moot point now. Sorry!

  4. A report of everyone that is there. What songs they sang and photos of them dressed in their 40’s outfit. That’s a big request I know.

    • We weren’t supposed to take pictures, with it being a taping and all! (So I didn’t.)

      I’ll do what I can as to attendees.

  5. a personal interview with Bill Gaither

    • Sorry – there’s no way Bill would have the time to spare on a day of a video taping!

  6. Been to one and that was five and a half years ago. Really did a great job. But want them to come back to Knoxville TN. Not a taping for the record. As you are right Daniel. Bill isn’t getting any younger. Hope that you enjoy it and give us plent of reports!

  7. Daniel,

    What is the criteria for an artist to be invited to a Gaither Homecoming Taping ? Is it name recognition, song recognition, personal friends with Bill ? I have many of the Gaither Homecoming Tapings and many of the same artists are on all of them, and many artists are not ?

    • It’s just the artists that Bill wants to invite, and I do not have the ability to read his mind.

  8. Behind scenes shots of the singers mixing and mingling.

    Also, interviews that are ‘out of the box’ where different questions are asked other that the usual ‘what is your favorite song, how did you get started, who inspires you’. Maybe ‘what bible character inspires you, what is on your Ipod, where did you attend college, personal things not usually discussed on stage.

    • This kind of setup doesn’t really offer opportunities for artists mingling with fans or media. Sorry! (I wish, though!)

  9. Oh, and yes I attended the Homecoming Texas taping. Interesting and loads of fun.

    Would have loved to see the Cathedral’s Farewell concert and the one where Sandy Patti and Larnell Harris sang ‘I’ve Just Seen Jesus’.

  10. I was fortunate to attend the Atlanta Homecoming tapings. 2 videos’ were done that day – it was great, we to meet several of the artists and their families. It was a great day for a new comer to the Homecoming concerts.

    • Very cool! Were those the ones with 16,000 people there?

  11. yeah this is my number one favorite bass singer tim duncan’s first gaither video homecoming.i love you tim duncan.see you here in fergus falls mn soon.

  12. Just be sure to include everything you noticed that I neglected to mention in my report. A couple of my friends had to be at work at 8:00 AM, so I didn’t get anything after the rain storm.

    I did post a video of the water running underfoot, though. Did you get one of those?

    [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]

    • …and I had to get up at 6:30 or 7 for work!

      Yet I figured it was almost definitely the one and only time in my life I would do this, so I would push myself as far as I could go.

      How far was that? Well, what would be a 2-hour drive became significantly more due to incredibly heavy rain at points, and I got home just before 3 AM. But praise God – I made it, survived, and here I am!

  13. Daniel and David

    Sorry I couldnt hook up with y’all. It was a fun nite. A long one!!

    We are really grateful for the crowd staying as long as they did. Hope the Lord is pleased with the songs.

    • Sorry I couldn’t catch up with you, too!

      A long night indeed, but one that nobody there will be forgetting any time soon! 🙂