Update on enLighten

There are now reports that enLighten is not going to be taken off satellite but will be moving from Channel 34 to Channel 18. Those reports are not yet officially confirmed but people are saying that’s what Enlighten is telling them on the phone.

UPDATE, 5/4/11, 7:32 AM: It’s official.

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  1. According to the enlighten website it will move to channel 18. The channel is called “Limited Engagement”. I wonder if this is a temporary stay or permanent?

    Two additional things.
    1) If you wrote, emailed or called to complain I think we should at least express gratitude to SiriusXm by emailing them and saying “thanks”

    2) I ask the powers that be and those with influence to use this as motivation to increase the quality and professionalism of the station. It has been much improved since its inception, here’s to it continuing to improve. Solid gospel and Daniel britts program are good models.

  2. As was announced by Sirius XM management this afternoon at 3:45 ET – following a massive outpouring of requests by the large body of Sirius XM subscribers who love Southern Gospel – enLighten is continuing as a satellite channel and moving to satellite channel 18. It may well be a temporary location but, technically, it was the only place available for it on short notice.

    • Congratulations, Marlin!!! I really didn’t think it was going to happen quite this quickly but I’m so glad we could all pull together to influence the management team.


  4. What I have heard (secondhand) is that this is just a temporary measure until a new channel can be created.

    • Correct; I’ve been told they’re putting it on channel 18 temporarily.

      • I have Sirius in our motorhome and XM in our new car. I get englihten on the XM radio, but not on the Sirius in our motorhome. Any idea how I can get it on both radios.

  5. How does this move affect Dish Network?

    • I assume this means it will be on Dish.

  6. Thank God, Praise God This is great news.

  7. If this is temporary. I hope they plan on keeping a Southern Gospel channel if they do away with enlighten. I agree enlighten has come a long way. Lets keep supporting it too make it better than it ever has been.

    • It’s back on satellite for the foreseeable future; it’s just that the channel it’s on is temporary.

  8. I also am interested in the Dish Network status. I am happy so far as our e mails and personal phone calls to New York certainly have helped.

  9. As 2miles posted earlier, I believe it is very important that everyone express their gratitude to SiriusXM for keeping enlighten. Even those who did not contact them to complain or cancel service. Please let them know that their is a greater number of Enlighten listeners than they were aware of. Let’s not risk losing this great channel again.

  10. I wonder how many people canceled their subscription and now wish they hadn’t.

    • They can always re-subscribe.

      • Good point, I guess.

  11. I canceled mine yesterday, it took 3 phone calls and over an hour.
    No one I spoke to seemed to care that Enlighten was cut, just offered
    Me the farm to stay after my 5 years as a subscriber. I told them
    to expect thousands more to follow without the best Southern Gospel
    Station in the radio lineup.

  12. Well that is great news, guess I will have to cancel my cancellation! 🙂

  13. So happy to hear that we will still be able to get Enlighten! I SO enjoy the program and have it on whenever I am in my car! Let’s hope temporary becomes permanent!

  14. Josh,
    There’s nothing stopping them from re-subscribing.

  15. I found it on Dish…

    6018 its still listed on Limited Engagement

  16. I just recently subscribed to XM since it was part of the car I bought. I only renewed because of chanel 34. Had Enlightened left XM, so would I.

  17. If 6018 is ever dropped. I will cancel Dish. I am one of their longest
    continuos customers. I have dealt with many of their growth problems. I have put up with many Dish problems over the years,especially incompetent service personnel. (except for two and they have left Dish – my lost)
    Now I don,t like a lot of the music, but others do. However their are
    many musicians and music that I like- puts wind in my sails. Il listen
    while driving-my only reason to pay for Sirius. I also listen Sunday
    before and after Church- helps get me ready for Worship and helps
    continue my worship frame of mine Sunday P.M. I enjoy Gathers &
    Music with strong BASS, i.e. Male quartets (J.D.Sumner, Oakridge Boys, Blackwood Brothers, Tennessee Ernie Ford etc.) I do not like
    pure country twang that many groups especially with women – sounds like dying cows in a thunderstorm. I have to change stations.
    I find it depressing – not up lifting. However, I have relatives in the
    Mountains of Tennessee who love that kind music. We can agree on the music I like. Example-Sweet Chariots, etc.
    Are you able to send me some sort of an itinenary. Thanx!!

    • What do you mean moderation.

  18. No, I have not sent this message before.

    What do you mean moderation”?

  19. Cancel- I just spent two hours writing this message. Time I did not have. But it was important to me. I will stop paying for Sirius and have it cancelled with Dish and my four automobiles. I will use that money to buy C.D.s (Christian) that puts wind in my sails & helps me worship. Good Bye !!!

  20. In no way did I attack or belittle anyone or anything. I expressed my
    personal likes and dislikes – no personal attacks. That would be against my beliefs. Having been saved for 64 years – Baptized 60 years ago, a Ordained Deacon (35+years), sunday school teacher,
    a Church leader, and approximately 22 medical mission trips to Africa at my expense, & one to Panama, I would not “belittle” anyone. I am
    sorry for your misinterpretation . Media seem to do that a lot.
    Though you would be above that!!
    Because of this, the T.V. has been changed from 6018 to sports. Our lost – thank God for our incredibly outstanding Choir & Music program at our Church and some great Christian C.D.s. God still loves inspite
    of our differences.

  21. No modifications needed – self explanatory !!!