It’s Official: enLighten to stay on Satellite

Last week, Sirius/XM announced that they were pulling enLighten off the satellite airwaves and making it an Internet-only channel. The Southern Gospel industry mobilized fans like I have rarely seen before—yet I will confess that even though I did my part to encourage my readers who were Sirius/XM subscribers to make their voices heard, I was somewhat pessimistic. How often do big New York City corporations listen to a genre the size of Southern Gospel?

Well, now we have an answer. They’ll listen if we all—or, at least, all of us who use their service—speak our minds. Word started circulating yesterday that they were going to keep enLighten on satellite, moving it from channel 34 to channel 18. (Thanks to Sony for pinch-hitting for me, when I was stuck in big-city traffic, and getting the story up!)

enLighten programmer Marlin Taylor circulated word today that it’s official:

Dear Southern Gospel music industry member:

In case you haven’t yet heard … in response to the thousands of E-mails, telephone calls and letters that poured into Sirius XM from the devoted family of enLighten listeners – and your fans – senior management made an “11th hour” decision to rescind the deletion of the channel from the satellite service.

As part of the major channel re-alignment procedure scheduled for last evening, enLighten now resides on Channel 18 on both the Sirius and XM lineups. Most satellite radios will automatically make that move. However, if you encounter anyone who’s radio didn’t change, or is not aware that enLighten has been granted “new life,” please share it with them.

Thank you and bless you … the Lord’s people have united and “won the battle.”

Hallelujah and praise His name.


There are two action items of high priority right now:

  1. Bad news has a way of traveling faster than good news. So please make a point to tell whoever you told that it was going off the air that the decision has been reversed.
  2. Southern Gospel is back on the satellite airwaves . . . for now. We want it to stay that way. And since Sirius/XM brass in New York City probably only care about the bottom line, the way to keep it on the airwaves is for all of you who have called over the last week to cancel your subscription to call back and renew.

This is actually a pretty amazing day for Southern Gospel. It’s no little story that a genre whom many industry observers dismiss as a fading niche could pull together and change the minds of the largest—well, the only, to be more precise—satellite radio programmer in the nation.

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  1. Well. Not bad!

    You know, I would guess a fair percentage of subscribers will never know this happened unless they wake up some day and wonder why their radio has changed channels!

  2. you hit the nail on the head Daniel. If they already complained and canceled, they MUST renew their subscription. when southern gospel turns a New York tide this large, it would certainly be all for naught if subscriptions weren’t renewed. they were looking at it from a business perspective, yet they heard the cries of the people. i am equally surprised. southern gospel fans can be mean… i mean really get things done. 😉

  3. This is tremendous news. Miracles still happen.

  4. Just resubscribed this morning. Good job!

  5. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    I listen to enlighten at home and in my car.

  6. The main reason why I subscribe to XM Radio is because of Enlighten. I was lost this morning when I went from channel to channel trying to find and it was not there. I am so glad that Enlighten will continue in XM Radio. Thank you. Keep up the great music and blessings you bring to your listeners.

  7. The main reason why I subscribe to XM Radio it’s because of Enlighten. I was lost this morning when I went from channel to channel trying to find and it was not there. I am so glad that Enlighten will continue. Thank you. Keep up the great music and blessings you bring to your listeners.

  8. We are so Happy! Enlighten is still on! We both were going to cancel our subscriptions. Now they have 2 satisfied customers. Thanks

  9. I found it on Dish…

    6018 its still listed on Limited Engagement

  10. Thank God .Dont change the music ,its great the way it is .Dont try to FIX it ie its not BROKEN. THANKS.

  11. Thanks.

  12. We are so glad that Enlighten is still on the air…we were calling today to cancel our radios but not now!!

  13. I am so happy to see this!! Thank you Thank you!!! My mother in law recently came to live with us and she has this channel on 24/7 nearly and it was very devastating in our household when it disappeared for a short time and I have spent nearly 2 hours fighting with Dish network to try to find out what happened … Please find a permanent home for enLighten!!!!!

  14. Yah, Yah, Yah!

  15. I had to upgrade to regular Sirius Select from the Sirius Select Family Frienly. They let me do it for just over twenty one dollars and extended my subscription by a month and a half. Until I did this, my channels went from 17 to 19 and skipped 18 entirely.

    Can anyone tell me why this is a temporary or limited channel? Does anyone know what channel it will be changing to in the future – and why and when it will be changing?

    Please reply to my email at:

    Thank you,

    Blair Stewart

    • Blair,

      That is a question you are probably better off asking Sirius.

  16. I am so gald to hear you have reevaluated your decision to cancel Enlighten. My member ship was solely for the access of Enlighten I was no planning on renewing my membership but I will reconsider that now that you are keeping Enlighten on the air.

  17. I’m so greatful Enlighten will continue on XM radio. It’s been a very special channel for me. Thanks for keeping it ON.
    Don Runo

  18. I listen to gospel every morning when I workout and I was upset that I couldn’t find it on tv this morning. I have been watching 6067 and couldn’t get it today. I checked on 18 but couldn’t get it. Please tell me what channel it is currently on. I start my day everyday with Sirus gospel music and I want to continue. Please tell me what channel carries it.

  19. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

  20. I look forward to listening to Sirus gospel music every morning. Please tell me where I find it now because I was not able to find it this morning and I really enjoy it. I checked channel 18; however it was not on that channel either. Could it be a different channel?

  21. 6018 on Dish if you have that we had to dig but found it

  22. Eddie – hopefully, you’ve found Enlighten by now. My husband found it on the radio on channel 18, so it’s there. Don’t give up!
    If they’ve moved it to another Dish channel, I haven’t found it yet. 🙁


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