Post of the Day: Neil Enloe

The other day, John Scheideman posted on the disturbing tendency on some Southern Gospel websites for individuals to dig up dirt on artists and post it publicly. In the comments, former Couriers lead singer Neil Enloe offered a great observation, which is reprinted here by permission:

Inevitably when I dwell on the sins of another I begin to feel the heat of guilt over my own transgressions. The advantage that I have over some people is that my sins haven’t become public. But there’s coming a time when nothing shall be hidden and our works will be tried by fire and we will be judged by the Righteous Judge, who has the true and holy perspective on good and evil. God help us all when we stand before him. The only hope any of us have is the covering and washing of the blood of our Savior who has made us acceptable unto God.

All the shame and reproach of our multiplied iniquities is buried with Him and while we are still flawed humans the Father only sees us through the purity of the blood of His only Son.

I would rather be found guilty of too much forgiveness than too much condemnation. So I try to be careful of my criticism of a brother’s failures knowing that, God forbid, if I should ever be found guilty of similar offenses I would hope with all of my heart that my brothers and sisters would extend the hand of support, fellowship and understanding that I would so desperately need.

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  1. Neil is a wise man. Much could be learned here.

  2. Magnificent words, to be sure!

  3. Yes, it says “Restore such an one in the spirit of meekness, considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

  4. Neil has long had the knack of understanding not only the main points of my various blog postings and articles, but also the uncanny ability to expand upon that framework and offer additional worthy insights of his own based on all of that.

    I consider myself most blessed to have Neil as a friend.

    Neil expressed those very thoughts in a beautiful song he wrote some 25 years ago that he recorded both by himself and with the Couriers, “Restore A Fallen Brother”. I heartily recommend that song to all who read these thoughts and affirm them.