Singing News May 2011: Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings

Page 4: Adam Borden will begin writing a new column and hopes to be allowed to use Tim Lovelace’s crayons.

Page 12: The “Upside Down World” visits the bottom half of the world.

Page 14: Michael Combs updates ad: the young goats (kids) CD, “Little Lambs,” is now available for “Old Goats” too!

Page 14: Dominion Valley Park Gospel Singing 2011 is sponsored by Moorefield Store Vol. Fire Department. Should there be a medical emergency, there should be qualified medical assistance on hand.

Page 15: How does the one Taylor girl make her hair stand straight out?

Page 25: Don’t read the headline fast–you would be shocked. Ever heard of worshiping tickets?

Page 33: Booth Brothers win favorite Singing News cover…because of Greater Vision’s digital wigs.

Page 46: Steven Cooper throws away a $50 bill, and a “raccoon” retrieves it.

Page 56-57: It happened on the way to a concert: everything from Ed O’Neal’s teeth bouncing down the aisle to the Florida Boys driving an hour and a half to go a half mile!

Page 59: “I hear that the government is doing away with everybody’s incandescent bulbs…Progress?…Just watch…next thing, they’ll outlaw matching suits.”

Back cover: “Come discover the best kept secret in West Virginia…” A back cover ad in Singing News is hardly the way to keep a secret.

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  1. I did agree with Danny Jones’ piece about artists smiling in pictures. This is the only music industry in the world that truly has something to smile about! Yet, some cd covers make you think Jesus is dead and they’ve been asked to sing at his funeral. So, keep smiling… He’s alive! 🙂

  2. Good job again, ya’ll! The back ad cover observation is especially funny! 😀

    • I agree – that was indeed the funniest part!

      Side note from a (somewhat new) Southerner who loves Southern English and also likes studying rules of (linguistic) usage: Y’all is a contraction of you all, and thus the apostrophe properly goes between the “y” and the “all.” 🙂

      • That gets my attention too, but I remember a “real Southerner” coming in and avowing that “y’all” was not correct at all; it had to be “ya’ll.” Which goes to show you can be a “real Southerner” without necessarily knowing how to spell. 😉

      • I guess! I see y’all about 99.9% of the time.

      • Oh, I see! Thanks for setting this Northerner straight! 🙂 For some reason I’ve always wrote it “ya’ll”…”y’all” just never looked right and I thought “y’all” were wrong when “y’all” typed “y’all”. 😀 Shows you what Northerners know about Southern-isms.

        As I typed that comment out for the family last night, the thought suddenly flashed through my mind: “I bet I’m not spelling ‘ya’ll’ right, and Daniel or someone will probably say so.” Yep, I was right. 🙂

        -Taylor for TGF

      • Now that you know that, and you’ve used The Big Distinctively Southern Word, consider yourself an honorary Southerner. 🙂

      • Wow! Cool! I’ve always wanted to be a “Southerner”!

        Thanks, “y’all”!

        -T for TGF

      • You’re welcome!

        After all, you’re a Southern Gospel singer, and a contributor to one of the most active Southern Gospel sites out there… 🙂

        (And now, back to topic…)

      • (back on-topic)

        Can I be one too?

        (back off-topic)

      • Sure – if you get into the habit of saying a more like aah instead of aaayyy, of using y’all and fixin’, and the like! 🙂

      • “Y’all” is right, but not everyone here is right. 😉 Y’all is a contraction for you all. The apostrophe replaces the missing letters like it does in don’t. 😉

      • That’s what Daniel said.

      • Yes.

      • Ah, who listens to Daniel anyhow? 😉