Tribute Quartet has Trailer Blow-out

Tribute Quartet has had quite a year. Several months ago, they had a major bus fire which has led to them seeking alternate methods of transportation since. Last night, one of the wheels of their trailer decided to head off and seek its own path in life. Bass singer Anthony Davis posted this photo on his Facebook page:

Tribute Quartet tire blowout

They survived unharmed, and it sounds as though their equipment also survived.

This serves as yet another reminder to keep our traveling groups in prayer. With all the miles they travel, there are sure to be mechanical challenges from time to time!

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  1. “decided to head off and seek its own path in life”

    LOL that funny!

    • Thanks!

      This is what I get for writing posts when I’m barely awake! At the extremes of the day, you never know just why I might say – which is why I don’t generally write my posts right after waking up or right before heading to sleep!

  2. I was going to say that happened to my dad once, but now that I think about it, I believe it was his whole trailer that came loose and sought its own path. (He’d forgotten to hook the chains properly.)

    Anyway, it can be a rather hair-raising experience, not to mention the danger it puts everyone in. I’m glad it came out OK.