18 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Only a few of my votes don’t show in the Top 5: Chris Allman for Tenor, Pat Barker for Bass, and MTQ for Traditional Quartet. Maybe next year!

  2. Riley Harrison Clarke’s not making it to the Top 5 for at least Horizon Individual was quite a shock to see, too.

    • That didn’t shock me; Tribute is a newer group, and thus has sold fewer Singing News subscriptions than, say, the Inspirations, Karen Peck & New River, or the Collingsworth Family. (He’s deserving, though!)

    • I’m very disappointed, too.

  3. Bother…we didn’t receive the latest Singings News in the mail until yesterday, hence we didn’t get to vote! 🙁 Oh well, there’s always next time!

    • If you have an active SN subscription – I’m not sure if this would apply to a group setting, where they might throw an extra one in with the ones you distribute at your product table, but certainly for individual subscriptions – you can vote online, on their website.

  4. Meh pretty much the same ole same ole..

  5. I am SHOCKED, that Gerald Wolfe is not in the Male Singer or Lead Singer category. UnBelievable!

  6. HA! Tim Duncan is nominated instead of Ian Owens (as a member of Signature Sound). And just out of curiousity, aside from the name, how is the Gaither Vocal Band considered a “BAND” in the context of the other nominees??

    • I’m not shocked on Tim – he’s the one everyone loves and many prefer – and besides, he was their bass during the eligibility period.

      I think it’s the Homecoming Band, which is, of course, top-notch (but doesn’t have any separate name).

    • Bravo to Tim! He is deserving and a great!

      Hmmm…about the band. The Homecoming Band is great, but that does seem like a bit of a stretch to say they are the GVB band. I’ll cheer for the Kingdom Heirs!

      • I’m inclined to cheer for the Kingdom Heirs’ band or the Dove Brothers’ band – the Dove Bros.’ band is really strong, too.

        The band does appear at GVB solo dates, so I think it’s fair to call them that.

      • Its nice to see a fairly strong band category. I love the kingdom heirs band and their smooth playing, but its hard not to lean toward the dove brothers band!

    • I was thinking that enough folks nominated them just because “band” was in their name, for them to make the Top 5.

      • I imagine Singing News was only taking the nominations because they understood it as I do, in reference to the Mote/Williams/etc. band.

    • Tim didn’t surprise me, but it is kind of funny. It would be especially funny if he ended up winning.

      • I think if a Tim wins, it’ll be the other Tim – which would be a very well deserved coda to a career, especially with hanging in there with Danny after all the turbulence of the last few years.

  7. I got my singing news too late to vote too. 🙁