Statement of Faith members form Promise Trio

Statement of Faith members Joe Kitson (lead singer) and his brother-in-law David Mann (baritone) are reorganizing as the Promise Trio, effective immediately. They will be filling Statement of Faith’s dates.

David’s wife Jael Kitson-Mann will fill in at tenor/alto; in June, T.J. Evans of Merrillville, Indiana will join as the permanent tenor.

In a press release posted on Singing News, Mann and Kitson commented:

David Mann says, “The only thing as certain as salvation, is change. Although we don’t always anticipate change, we have to believe that God always knows what’s best for us.”

“We are really excited about our fresh start as Promise”, says Joe Kitson. “We believe God is going to use this change to open new doors of opportunity for us, and we’re ready for whatever His plans are.”

Promise Trio is on Facebook and will soon launch a website (

Tenor Jacob Kitson’s plans will be announced separately.

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  1. Currently scratching head…….

  2. Curious, this might help:

  3. We need someone like the deceased Paul Harvey right now for the rest of the story.
    On the other hand, it might be best to wait and see!

    • Waiting and seeing is my plan.

      • It’s just that it comes as a surprise because they were such a promising group. Of course I wish them all well, like you, but we’re simply curious, in a concerned way.

  4. To my young cousin,T.J. Troy gave to me one of your albums back a few years ago. When I went to see my mom,she took it from me. I gave it to her gladly for I’ll get me another. I am so very proud of you in knowing that you chose to be a singing representative of God’s Word.


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