Saturday News Roundup #71 (UPDATE, 10:48 PM)

Health updates:

  • Former Hoppers/Childress Family pianist Shannon Childress’ condition is steady but critical.
  • Carolyn Reese, wife of long-time Kingsmen bass singer Ray Dean Reese, is hospitalized due to pneumonia-induced breathing difficulties. (UPDATE, 10:48 PM: Via the Kingsmen Facebook page, Carolyn now “has a very serious bacterial staph infection throughout her body along with bacterial pneumonia” and is in a critical care unit.”

Other news items:

  • The Dixie Melody Boys are in the studio, working on a 50th Anniversary Album, The Call is Still the Same. This will be their first recording with Song Garden Music Group. There will be guest appearances from DMB alumni McCray Dove, Ernie Haase, Harold Reed, Devin McGlamery, and Rodney Griffin, and guest appearances from Jason Crabb and Ben Speer.
  • The Dixie Melody Boys will appear at an NQC showcase, making a 50th Anniversary Appearance at the Singing News Straw Poll showcase.
  • Ron Blackwood, R.W.’s son, and former member/manager of the Blackwood Quartet, is going to be the tour manager for CCM recording artist Carman.
  • Pathway Records, Mansion Entertainment’s development / custom division, is launching a talent contest in conjunction with AbsolutelyGospel. More information is available here. (EDIT 8/6/11: Broken link removed).

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  1. A small correction– Devin McGlamery is a Dixie Melody Boys alum, too. But this project will be interesting especially with Jason Crabb in the mix.

    • Major duh! 🙂

      I think I even have an album (or maybe two?) he did with them! I can’t believe that slipped my mind. Thanks for the catch, and I’ll go edit now.

  2. Don’t think I have anything since the Reed, McGlamery, Sweatman group. That may change now.

    • Yeah, that lineup was great. Also, the Keeton/Sweatman group was good, too.

      • As a matter of fact, I think the Keeton/Sweatman/King/O’Neal lineup, as found on the 2005 Like Never Before project, is the smoothest-sounding lineup the DMBs have ever had.

  3. Searched through the groups in the fan awards nominees. Hard choices but The Old Paths have got the it factor. Their YouTubes and sound clips remind me of the power and energy of the Kingsmen, class and presence of the Cathedrals, and precision and excitement of Gold City. Like a three in one powerpack group.

  4. Praying for Shannon Childress, Carolyn Reese and their families. Ray Reese’s birthday is tomorrow (the 16th) so I’m especially praying for him right now.

  5. The DMB lineup of O’Neal, McCray Dove, Rodney Griffin, and Derek Boyd from the early 90’s was my favorite. Minus Griffin and add Nathan Widener on the baritone of the late 80’s was a great group as well.


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