Sony’s Thoughts: Entering Another Year of God’s Faithfulness

I turn another year older tomorrow so this time of year is very reflective to me. As I think back over the past years, months, weeks and even the last few days, I think of how God has been continually faithful. This past year has been rough with trials seeming to outweigh the joys at times but I’m realizing the importance of practicing what I preach. I don’t know how many times I’ve said to people that “Joy is not affected by circumstances.” I still know that to be true but I’ve learned that joy in the midst of trials only comes through focusing on Jesus. When my eyes are on my circumstances, I find nothing to be thankful about. When I see Jesus, my heart fills with thanksgiving for He has been so good to me!

My family teases me about celebrating my birthday throughout the whole month of May but I feel like this is the time of year when God goes out of His way to bless His daughter and remind me just how much He loves me. As I write this, I’m sensing God’s presence and feeling His arms around me and my eyes are filling with tears. I don’t know why He loves me. There are many others He could have chosen; there are tons of better writers who could better communicate what they want to say who could be typing this post right now; but for some reason, He chose me. My prayer the past year or so will continue to be my prayer this coming year: God, help me to be faithful!

To all of you who continue to read my posts each week, I just want to thank you once again. I know you come here to get your southern gospel news but I’m very grateful for y’all allowing me a day a week to post my thoughts. I may be getting old 🙂 but I’m still learning and growing and I like to think we’re all growing together, hand in hand walking down that narrow road, eyes looking straight ahead as we prepare to meet our Savior. Sometimes we get tired, wanting to take a break or try a path which may not have so many briers and rocks. That’s when we need our Brothers and Sisters on either side of us reminding us not to quit. We only have a few more miles to go and we will be Home! I pray I will be one of those hands when you are the one who is feeling fatigued from the battle. Don’t stop now. Keep looking for your Savior’s eyes of love. You will see Him soon and every aching bone will be worth it.

I wish I could hug each of you who have been an encouragement to me through the years and thank you in person but know that your encouragement has meant so much. I look forward to spending eternity with you.

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  1. I always enjoy reading your Sunday posts. Hope you you have a great Birthday. Keep up the good work. Blessings to you!

    • Thank you so much, Gladys. I pray blessings on you as well.

  2. Don’t you love those times when God feels especially close?