Jacob Kitson to enter local church ministry

Last week, David Mann and Joe Kitson announced the launch of Promise Trio and promised that their brother/brother-in-law Jacob Kitson would be announcing his future plans shortly. Jacob has posted his plans on his site; he has been offered a position at Liberty Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is taking the next few weeks off to focus on his “own spiritual and physical well-being.”

While that hints at some level of exhaustion, he indicated that he has “loved every minute and every note of my involvement in full-time music ministry.” He extended thanks to Tribute Quartet, Greater Vision, and his fellow members of Statement Faith, adding that “an extra special dose of gratitude is due to my home, Faith Baptist Church, for all their support and fellowship.” He concluded:

My brother-in-law, David Mann has taken up the yoke of our music ministry, and promises to continue the vision with his new group. They will continue to fill the commitments of Statement Of Faith Trio as Promise. You can follow them at Promisetrio.com. Thanks again for your many prayers. If you wish to keep up with me you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and at www.statementoffaithministries.com

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  1. Liberty is a great ministry! I know the pastor well. It was a church plant many years ago and God has used that church as a light in that city!