LeFevre Quartet and NQC

It looks like the LeFevre Quartet won’t be on the NQC mainstage, and they are not too happy about it. David Staton has posted comments about the issue on his myspace blog; these comments can also be found on SgBlogNews. (EDIT, 8/3/11: Broken link removed.) He said, in part:

I was talking to one of the execs on the board at NQC in Louisville, KY and they told me that the 2007 line up for the evening shows on mainstage were being put together and the LeFevre Quartet was NOT going to be included. I’m not sure how enough fans can vote for an artist to win a fan awrd, obviously showing a following among the NQC ticket buyers and Singing News subscribers, and not be included on the mainstage line up. I really thought that when the fans voted, it made some kind of statement as to what they want to hear and see on mainstage. Guess not. What other fan award winners will be cut from NQC? If you’re as puzzled as I am, please contact the board at NQC and Singing News Magazine and let them know that when you vote for an artist, that usually means that you want to see and hear that artist. Otherwise, why subscribe? Why vote?

It’s a little blunt, but I just can’t put on my happy face and let this one go.

While the NQC board is obviously aware of what goes on at the Fan Awards, I wonder if Staton recalls that the only formal connection between the Fan Awards and NQC is that the NQC gives the Singing News a few hours of time to put on their program. Singing News could easily host their program elsewhere if they desire.

It’s somewhat of a stretch to say that NQC is obligated to invite all Fan Awards winners. If they make a mainstage slot for a group one year, the group will expect an invitation back every year. If NQC gives a mainstage slot to every group that wins a fan award, and each of these groups expect to be added every year, the NQC will very quickly run out of mainstage slots. (And this isn’t even taking into account winners of Internet-based fan awards, such as those run by sogospelnews.com.)

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  1. I know that there is supposedly no formal connection between the NQC board and Singing News, but you would think that if a group won the Horizon Award that the NQC board would certainly take that into consideration. I’m not saying that MLQ should be given a prime spot, but I certainly think they should be given something on the main stage on at least one night.

  2. Yes, it would probably be good for them to get a slot. My observation was simply to the fact that since there is no formal tie, it would be slightly silly to view it as an obligation for NQC.

  3. There is a strong relationship between NQC and
    SN, whether it’s a “formal connection” or not. I think it would be good if NQC would have a single showcase that would spotlight the previous years’ SN winners!

  4. The NQC executive committee has the right to put whoever they want to on the main stage. Unfortunately, Mr. Staton’s comments give the impression that being on the NQC main stage is what the LeFevre Quartet is all about. Once you’ve paid your dues, and the fans obviously want you on the stage, you’ll be there. Until then, keep singing your songs and winning people to Jesus.

    By the way, it’s not surprising that the NQC overlooks the Horizon winner. It’s happened several times before. Just because you win the Horizon award doesn’t mean you’re going to be around for awhile.

  5. Once again reality raises it’s ugly head. This is just one of many bad decisions and “good old boy” deals associated with NQC, aka the Vatican! I agree that the LeFevere name is long assocuited with Southern Gospel Music, but they (NQC) get to call the shots because they own the venue.

    It’s atough deal, but get over it!

  6. Chuck,

    I think I get the gist of your point; however, I would observe that the NQC Board does not actually *own* Freedom Hall.

  7. Keith, I can assure you that the Mike LeFevre Quartet is not just about being on the stage at NQC. They are one of the most evangelistic groups I’ve ever seen. Have you heard their songs “To Get to Jesus” or “That’s Why I Sing Gospel Music”???? Great songs – and David wrote them both (I think!)

  8. To Daniel:

    Probably a poor choice of words (venue). Probably should have been “event.” Also, I do know how to spell “associated.” Brain works OK, but eyesight to the keyboard is weak.


  9. The Horizon Award winning group has been left off the main stage before. Common Bond and the Florida Melody Boys won the award back in the ’90’s and never did get a mainstage slot that I recall.

  10. Hi,
    Just wondering if you got my previous email regarding your CD just continuing to “load”. We cannot get any music from it, which is too bad because we really enjoyed your group in Harmattan,AB.
    Kathy Matheson


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