Concert Review: Talley Trio (Shelby, OH)

On May 22, 2011, Daniel’s siblings traveled to the First Lutheran Church of the city of Shelby, Ohio, for a Talley Trio Concert. Following is a brief summary of the concert:

  • Mr. Talley and Promoter Paul Martin began by making several announcements at the beginning of the concert.
  • “Good Things”- Featuring Lauren and Mrs. Talley. Microphone stands were removed during the second verse.
  • “Hands of Grace”- Featuring Mr. Talley.
  • “Amazing Grace”- Featuring Mrs. Talley. Extended applause included Lauren. The audience sang a last verse encore- some standing.
  • “He Keeps Me Singing”- Mr.Talley’s piano solo.
  • Extended talking break- Included mention of Lauren’s upcoming wedding.
  • “The Promise”- Featuring Lauren. After singing she stated that it was “always good to be in Shelby, with the rowdiest bunch of Lutherans” she knows.
  • “Broken Ones” merged with “Orphans of God”- Featuring Lauren. This song was followed by a comment about the world ending yesterday, and the verse which states that no man knows the day or the hour.
  • “My Hope Is in the Lord”- Featuring Mr.Talley.
  • “Mountain Mover”- Featuring Lauren.
  • More talking- including updates on Mr. Talley’s Parents.
  • “Applause”- Featuring Mrs. Talley. Soundtrack included applause. there was a partial standing ovation.
  • Love offering- during offering the Talleys sang “That’s Enough” with a soundtrack version of Jake Hess.
  • “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say”- Featuring Mrs. Talley.
  • “He’s Alive”- Featuring Lauren. There was a reprise and a partial standing ovation.
  • More Talking- Lauren mentioned she was “sure there were other things you could be doing in Shelby tonight, though I’m not sure what!”
  • “If He Carried the Weight of the World on His Shoulders”- Featuring Lauren.
  • Prayer / Altar Call (that does not include calling one to the altar).
  • “O How I Love Jesus”- sung by audience.
  • Advertisements
  • The most interesting comment of the night: Mr. Talley made a comment about us and Daniel, and told us not to tell Daniel. For more information contact a member of the Talleys.
  • “Testify”- Featuring Lauren. There was a prolonged standing ovation.

One of Daniel’s Siblings is also a photographer, and offered photos from the concert:

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  1. I had in my head that Kirk and Roger’s mother passed away some time ago. Was that a memory glitch of mine?

    • No, your memory would be correct here.

  2. Hey, I think I was at that concert!

    • I think maybe!

      Ooh, ooh, a thought just hit me! So apparently my family had to promise not to say whatever it was that Roger said about me! But I doubt they thought to make you promise! Can you say? 🙂

      • I think…it was something about them being better looking than you.

      • Ah, well, that’s entirely true! In fact, I tried to get them to put something to that effect in their bio above, but couldn’t talk them into it! 🙂

  3. Paul the Concert Guy was evidently paying close attention.

    Thank you for hosting the concert!

    • You are very welcome! We are always glad to see!

      • You are very welcome! We are always glad to see you!

  4. “Microphone stands were removed during the second verse.”

    I dont know why but this comment makes me laugh. I think it’s because taking the mic’s off the stand during the 2nd verse of the opening song is so very southern gospel.

    • So true…so true! That is pretty funny!