Saturday News Roundup #73

In the news

  • Chuck Wagon Gang alto Shaye Smith and her husband Andy are expecting a daughter, Chloe, on August 23rd. She is planning on taking a leave of absence from August 6 to October 23rd. The group is presently rehearsing with a young lady who will fill in for those eight weeks. Smith is also looking for a nanny, to help once she gets back on the road.
  • Ryan Seaton announced on Facebook that his next album will feature love songs. Most or all will be covers from assorted secular artists. [EDIT, 6/18/12: Broken link removed.]
  • Worth reading: Wes Burke’s take on a Dills concert.

Video of the Week

Most of you know Anthony Facello from Beyond the Ashes and Mercy’s Mark, and some of you remember his Journeymen days. Here’s a young Anthony with Heaven Bound:

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  1. That was a good version of Heavenbound.

  2. Ryan is making the cd of love songs to please his wife which is great. I just hope there is a market for them.

  3. Oh WOW that is so old but I loved it! Thanks Daniel for keeping up with this music.

    • No problem, Anthony! Glad it didn’t bother you! 🙂

  4. I wonder what Penny Greene, formerly of the Chuck Wagon Gang, is doing these days.

    • She’s getting engaged to Scoot Shelnut, actually, and visiting Florida from time to time.

      • That is wonderful (and very surprising!) news. They are two of my favorite SG folks. Hopefully, she will be on the Echoes bus from time to time…

  5. I saw Anthony live on his 2nd night with Heaven Bound in Waycross, GA.

  6. Ken Eubanks, Jeff Gibson, Anthony, and who?