Update on Gerald Wolfe’s project

Reader Randy Field asks:

Any word yet? I’m dying to get my hands on this cd!!

I emailed Gerald Wolfe, and he sent this update:

I have not recorded a “solo” CD, and I don’t have any plans to.  The CD I’ve put together is called “Until Now”, and it features songs that I’ve been “featured” on over the last 28+ years.  I did include a song from one of my early “solo” recordings, but even that song is actually a “duet”.  I’ve also re-recorded “Champion Of Love” and “Til The Storm Passes By” for this CD with brand-new tracks, arranged by Lari Goss.  There’s also a new song on the CD called “I Still Cling To The Old Rugged Cross”.  It’s not really a “new” song, but it’s new for me.
The CD is currently in the manufacturing process, and I’ll have a “firm” release date available within the next few days.
He also passed along a song list: I Still Cling to the Old Rugged Cross; The Land of Living; Cherish That Name; The Eyes of Jesus; Champion of Love; Just One More Soul; No Wonder; There is a River; O Holy Night; You’ll Carry Me Through; The Spirit of Brokenness; ‘Til the Storm Passes By.

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  1. Well, it still sounds good … I hope “Land of Living” is the Cathedrals version. I no longer have a very listenable copy of that.

    So … is there no instrumental CD in the works either, I wonder? He definitely was planning on one back a year or so.

  2. Gerald released an instrumental recording, “Keys to Quiet Places”, last year. It’s more of a devotional CD.

  3. Amy:
    There is a great recording of Gerald singing “Land of Living” on YouTube – very early Cathedral days… It is a must hear!

  4. Who in the world was that little kid that looked like Gerald?! lol
    Oh, man those were some great days when Danny and Gerald were together, two great powerhouse voices! (and then add Mark, Glen and George!!! )

  5. I’ve heard that before … I think, now that you put the two together in my mind, that the live version is the one we used to have. I do also have Gerald’s debut album with the Cathedrals in mint condition, but no way to listen to it.

    A guy on the SG forums was gonna mail me a CD copy that someone had digitized for him from his LP, but I think he forgot … I even had given him a little money to cover his costs. Oh well. Someday I’ll get to listen to it …