Singing News, June 2011: Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings

From the Singing News May 2011 issue:

  • Page 2: The Crabb Revival is Going Places, but it appears they are not sure where.
  • Page 3: Gold City goes to the Korea Church of God that is not in Korea.
  • Page 5: “New and Upcoming Releases: ‘Born to Serve the Lord’- Goodmans.” Have they risen from the dead? Or has someone figured out how to send a new or upcoming release from Heaven?
  • Page 7: “Performers and dates subject to change without notice.” In other words: don’t make plans or buy tickets yet.
  • Page 9: “Free bean supper and Gospel sing on Wednesday for early arrivers.” That sounds like a good deal.
  • Page 14: “” Old paths online? I thought the internet was a recent invention.
  • Page 18: “Look out America! Michael Booth is headed west!” That is a much needed warning.
  • Page 25: “The Good News Center is the setting for what is always a three-day Gospel explosion.” That sounds scary!
  • Page 26-31: follow-up: “Come Discover the Best Kept Secret in West Virginia.” As if a back cover ad was not enough to broadcast a secret, now they have purchased a six-page ad. They must be trying to make it the worst kept secret in West Virginia!
  • Page 43: Singing in the Smokies offers “the same warm, friendly welcome in a new “Air conditioned Performing Arts Center.” Their warm, friendly welcome must not be air conditioned very well!
  • Page 45: Where did the “<<” come from?
  • Page 58: Adam Borden’s new column, “Turn It Up!” appears; and even if he was successful at borrowing Tim Lovelace’s crayons, he managed not to write upside down.
  • Page 61: Golfing in the “Upside-Down World” means searching for lost golf balls.
  • Page 62-63: Bus drivers agree on two things: Buses can not stop quickly, and a new Prevost is the best type of bus.
  • Page 73: New Releases: Mark Bishop sings “My Name Is Jesus.” Legacy Five evidently shall see Mark Bishop.
  • Page 81: James D. Vaughan Quartet Festival: “You may order your tickets online at” Buying tickets from the government?

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  1. Daniel, you have very good eyes. I had to really look to find the “<<" on page 45!

    • This post was actually written by my siblings. 🙂

  2. Edit: Daniel’s SIBLINGS have very good eyes!