Saturday News Roundup #22

Since I had a feature story this week and two album reviews, I didn’t get around to all the stories worthy of comment:

  • Singing News sent out an announcement on the upcoming Fan Awards. Most interesting was this paragraph: “This years Fan Awards will no less spectacular. With the addition of multiple stages, more presenters and more awards, this truly will be an event geared specifically towards YOU, the fan.” Multiple stages? This could be interesting. I wonder if the NQC evening program concerts will also have multiple stages.
  • Dan Keeton changed the name of his group, formerly the Dan Keeton Quartet, to The Keetons. He still seeks a baritone singer.
  • Must read post of the day: Debra Talley’s blog post about a concert to remember where one neat story kept following another. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.] I dare you to still have dry eyes by the end of the post…
  • The Perrys will be releasing a DVD at NQC, Live at Freedom Hall. It will be composed of footage recorded at their appearance at NQC last year. Now groups are releasing DVDs all the time, so a DVD release in and of itself isn’t remarkable; what makes this one worthy of comment is that it’s the first video/DVD the group has released since moving to an alto/lead/baritone/bass format seven or eight years ago.
  • Brandon Coomer saw the debut of the new Band of Gold: Josh Simpson on keyboards, Kevin Albertson on drums, Taylor Barnes on bass, and Daniel Addison as utility musician (i.e., everything else). Coomer’s post is here.

Reviews coming up next week: I’ll be reviewing the Ball Brothers’ Simplified on Tuesday and the Talley Trio’s Life Goes On on Friday. I could post the current schedule after that, but NQC coverage is likely to shake that up enough that I might as well wait for a more detailed list until I’m caught up after NQC.

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  1. Hey, Daniel. Just a head’s up that I edited my post. The utility player’s name is Daniel Addison, not Doug. Kevin’s last name is Albertson, not Allison. I misunderstood Kevin’s name during his introduction and simply messed up on Daniel’s name. That is what I get for posting at 2 AM.

  2. Thanks—thus informed, I also edited mine.