Post of the Day: fridaynightrevival on the Cathedrals

Since side jobs have kept me too busy to finish even a short CD review – and enough of you have indicated that you would rather see no CD review than a short one – the reviews column takes what is hopefully only a one-week hiatus.

In the meantime, new blogger fridaynightrevival has been churning out one great post after another. Check out his two-part series on the Cathedrals in particular; he posted part two last night. (Part 1 is here.)

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  1. That post brings back memories. I really enjoyed reading his take on the Cats.

  2. Thanks for the extra info on blogger fridaynightrevival Daniel, with the comment HIS two part series, HE posted…in his “about” section he answers this question thusly…:))

    Q: Are you a male or female?

    A: I promise Iā€™m not a hermaphrodite.

    • šŸ™‚

      Well, most active SG bloggers are men. Besides, FNR writes like a man. FNR doesn’t use words like “yummy” or “cute” to describe male quartet singers – something I have never seen a male SG writer do!

      • I’ll try to include a “yummy” or “cute” in my next post when referencing a quartet. Thanks for the tip!

      • Eek. Any blog that uses bad language immediately gets placed on a list of blogs that receives no mentions here for the following month.


        Just kidding! It might be a pet peeve, but it’s not bad language! And no, that alone wouldn’t immediately result in a blog falling off my reading – and thus mentioning – list! (If it was accompanied by an overall teenage giddiness, that might be another story, but I’ve watched your writing for long enough now to be confident that that would not happen!)

      • Surely, as adults, we can be patient even with teenagers and girls – even somewhat giddy ones. šŸ™‚

      • Amy – it’s one thing for a teenage girl to call Michael Bubble (or whatever his name is) cute. It’s another thing entirely when that’s used of. say, the Cathedrals! šŸ™‚