Guest Column: A Father’s Day Tribute to R.W. Blackwood

A unique opportunity came my way yesterday morning, when Ron Blackwood offered this father’s day tribute to his father, founding Blackwood Brothers baritone R.W. Blackwood Senior, as a Father’s Day tribute.

Some know him as R.W. Blackwood, Sr. He was “Daddy” to me. He died at a young 32 years of age in a plane crash while, sadly, the pilot of the plane. I was thirteen years old and my brother Winston was 11. Still to this day, fifty-seven years later, his memory is so plain in my heart and mind. Yet the great pain is still there.

Dad was a very strong person and definitely made us mind—or it was the “board of education” we would receive! With all that, he always showed much love. Many times at the dinner table, he’d say “Boys, help your momma, and remember, Jesus loves you.”

He traveled a lot with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet; he was one of the original members. So we did not see him like most kids were able to be with their dad. Yet, I KNEW he loved me. I can say he was known by his peers and friends as an extremely honest and a man of his word. A hand shake was his bond. (There’s not much of that in today’s world!)

Many times, Jake Hess said to me that he was a tough business man, but if he was your friend you could count on him anywhere, anytime to be there for you. He was always there for me.

I could never measure up to Dad. I have failed many times, but God knows my heart. He was MY HERO—even fifty-seven years later!

My Hero IS in Heaven and I will see him again. Thank You, Jesus, for allowing R.W. BLACKWOOD, SR., to be my dad!

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  1. Mr. Blackwood,

    Even though I’m 57 years late, I’m very sorry for your loss.

  2. The Guest that wrote this was Ron Blackwood…….

    • Well, yes; the post clearly says at the top that it was written by Ron Blackwood.