Saturday News Roundup #77

In the news

  • Gerald Williams, bass singer and manager for The Melody Boys Quartet, has released an audiobook version of his autobiography. He reads it himself. You can check it out here.
  • Greater Vision lead singer/manager Gerald Wolfe’s sinus surgery is at 11 AM on Monday; keep him in your prayers.

Video of the week

SGConcerts’ DianaSN recently uploaded her thousandth live concert video to YouTube. By way of commemoration, here is her all-time most popular video:

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  1. Via Kirk’s Facebook, Lauren’s getting married today.

    Congrats, Lauren & Brian!! πŸ™‚

  2. We must like round up number 76…liked it so much we used it two weeks in a row.

    • Ouch! Fixed, and thanks for pointing that out! πŸ™‚

  3. You are very much welcome. Thanks for all the thought provoking work you provide EVERY DAY! I love knowing that I can always find fresh content here.

    • Thank you!

      Sometimes it’s a challenge to find something to write every day – these last two weeks have had a number of very slow news days! But I do my best, since I know that quite a few of y’all have come to expect it and look forward to it.

      One of the all-time nicest (and funniest) compliments I’ve ever gotten here was this one: “It’s like Christmas everyday.” (


  4. That’s great:-)

  5. Thanks, Daniel! You have been such an encouragement and help to me.

  6. Lauren Talley is (or was) getting married today, right?

    • Yes, Lauren got married today. A picture from the wedding is now available on her site.

  7. Hi. The worlds lowest and best bass singer is back. Just wanted to stop and make everybodys day and say hello. I will remember this blog when I go national.

    • I’ll believe the lowest part when you submit Guiness Book of World Records proof, and I’ll believe the best part once you submit YouTube proof. I think you can count this site’s readership as Missouri optimists – we’re willing to be convinced and happy to give it a shot, but we have to be shown.

      (And many of us don’t find vocal fry all that impressive…)

    • J.d. Sumner is the lowest. Not the best, but the lowest. bill Kennedy, former Melody boy

  8. I don’t want to sound bragging and arrogant but today I sang at a concert for the hearing impaired and I received numerous compliments afterwards. My voice was compared to an eartquake in the garden of eden. Beautiful and majestic but can shake the earth. Thanks to all my fans out there.

    • Now you have me almost entirely convinced that yours is a parody username, a baritone/lead/tenor or female singer masquerading as a bass!

      You got compliments at a concert for the hearing impaired. Indeed. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  9. The only thing I fry is the occasional amplifier. Daniel, you seem like an honorable man and very trustworthy. You say you need youtube proof but the bible says “blessed are they that have not seen yet believe”. And believe me when I open my mouth and sing you will be blessed and a believer. Plus my non-lying sda best friend will attest to m wondrous vocals. Thanks everyone for your love and support

    • Nice try . . . Mark. πŸ™‚

      UPDATE: Mark has appeared on here and promises on his honor that it was not him, despite the identical IP addresses, and he has enough of a previous track record for being honest and trustworthy online that I am updating these comments to note this.

  10. Question: why is it that soloists in country music have great success, yet soloists in southern gospel do not?

    • SG has always been a group-oriented genre. That’s just the nature of the genre.

      • then if soloists know this, why are there so many?

      • Generally, if they’re singing solo, it’s because there are personal reasons they would rather sing solo than in a group. It often has to do with the ability to set your own schedule, and all that.

        If you break down the math, a soloist only has to support one household instead of four or five, and therefore they can bring in half or maybe even 1/3 as much at a date and still come out ahead (also providing they use a car or van instead of a bus!)

        There really aren’t more than about a half-dozen soloists who are at or close to the level of top-tier artists, and are actively sending radio singles, getting the highest-tier radio promotion, etc., and the sort of thing someone does if they want to make a mark in the industry.

  11. Upon the requests of multiple individuals, I have done the appropriate research to announce the following:

    Jason Ch is actually a fairly good singer.

    Jason Ch is a baritone/lead.

    Oh, and I even found a clip of Jason Ch singing online. (link removed)

    UPDATE: Mark has appeared on here and promises on his honor that it was not him, despite the identical IP addresses, and he has enough of a previous track record for being honest and trustworthy online that I am updating these comments to note this.

  12. Daniel that was hurtful. My ability is a gift. I don’t brag about it. I simply want to share it. I have wished no one on here any harm. Please don’t ridicule me for being different. Even quasi modo was beautiful in his own way but he was hated for being different. I’m not a freak. I’m just a gorgeous singer with a voice that has no bottom to it

    • Nice try, Mark.

      UPDATE: Mark has appeared on here and promises on his honor that it was not him, despite the identical IP addresses, and he has enough of a previous track record for being honest and trustworthy online that I am updating these comments to note this.

  13. Daniel I don’t know mark and I don’t get your joke. Please don’t spread these false rumors. If you want me off of your site just let me know

    • Well, here’s the thing. I have ways of tracking computer locations and sources of comments, and if you aren’t Mark, evidently you have his old computer at his old house. ‘Course, I’m not saying that’s impossible…

      UPDATE: Mark has appeared on here and promises on his honor that it was not him, despite the identical IP addresses, and he has enough of a previous track record for being honest and trustworthy online that I am updating these comments to note this.

  14. Honestly I am not mark and I’m a little disgruntled that I don’t get credit for my unique talent and secondly I get accused of being someone else.

    • Well, somehow or another, you share (if you want the technical term) an IP address with him.

      • And besides, given Mark’s demonstrated level of vocal talent, it’s not an issue of “being accused,” it’s an issue of “getting due credit for!”

  15. I’m commenting on my blackberry daniel

    • OK, Mark’s blackberry, then. It’s somewhat of a moot point what kind of computer it is; the key thing is that Mark has commented here before on this website from that exact same location on the Internet.

  16. Daniel,

    I have no idea who that is. (Although it must be someone who knows me). I would prefer that this person not use my name in this way (or website) even though it is jest. I have been burned once pretty hard on sg blogs and have no desire for it again. I assure you, this Jason, is not me.

    I do find his brags and tounge in cheek funny though.

    • Mark,

      Well, thanks, I suppose! The chances of him having your old IP address are about one in a million…but lightning does strike every now and then.


  17. I don’t know mark. I’m commenting on my blackberry and I live in danville virginia

    • Do tell. IP addresses can get re-assigned on occasion, but evidence from them is usually so ironclad that I believe it has been previously cited in courts of law.

      I apologize for the mix-up.

      Jason, in this event, I just need to address the issue directly. Several readers have contacted me expressing concern at the attitude and the statements. If you can offer YouTube and/or Guinness book of World Records proof of your claims, then you are quite welcome to continue making them. If you cannot, you are welcome to participate in the discussions here, but I ask that you would refrain from making those claims.

  18. I am in danville virginia and I have no idea who mark is and I didn’t use your name in any way. I’m sure you’re a fine singer and I will check out that video

  19. My sda friend will be in town the week of july 4th. He’s great with computers. You’ll get that video

    • Okay, thank you and we will undoubtedly watch the link when you post it.

  20. One more thing. Jd sumner and london parris and arnold hyles all claimed to be the lowest with no guiness world record. Except for jd later in life

    • Yes, and there is a reason that people believed J.D.

  21. I’m sorry you don’t believe daniel. But I love your blog

  22. Daniel,

    I rarely would say this so take me seriously. I SWEAR to you I am not this person. I have no idea about this ip address thing but it is not me. I make you this promise as a christian and in front of God.

    I am on my blackberry and am riding along I75 on my way to southern ohio for two concerts tomorrow. I prefer to noit be called a liar and look like a fool. If you want to talk, my wife and I are in the car now and my # is on website that you have already posted.

    Be careful in the future about being flippant with peoples info because you are dead wrong on this one.

    • Mark,

      I was not being flippant; there was indeed an exact IP address match.

      However, you have enough of a track record that I do indeed take your word for it.

      I don’t know if you noticed my apology above, but I’ll repeat it: I do indeed apologize for the mix-up.


  23. Who is your favorite southern gospel quartet or other group that is still performing

    • I work first-hand with too many of them to dare venture an answer to that one! πŸ™‚

  24. But Daniel, if you could only lisen to one southern gospel cd of a group that still performs today whose would it be

    • I’d create my own mp3 compilation CD with about 200 of the best songs from 50 different groups. πŸ˜€

  25. Daniel we are having fun on this blog. I just let out a happy satisfying laugh of joy because this blog is wonderful

  26. Daniel, you’ve said nothing to be apologized for. In a court of law the IP address would be hard to get past.

    All, Daniel has proven himself to hold the highest standards of journalistic standards, much higher than most press outlets. He didn’t make rash statements, he did investigation and made a statement based on facts, unfortunately the facts led to a mistake, but the facts were very strong.

    • Thanks for the backup, JSR! What you say is indeed true.

  27. Where did u go Daniel

  28. Daniel,
    The problem is that pastors we sing for, artists we sing with, and fans/supporters we sing for read this blog and I have been made to look like a liar on here. I have spent 17 years singing and guard my reputation closely.

    I don’t have a clue about ip addresses or your mixup (and it is your mixup). I do know I’m near dayton, ohio and on my phone.

    You can’t unring a bell. Next time you feel ready to pick up that hammer , first shoot a phone call or an email and make sure you are correct. Now people assume I’m lying no matter what. Can’t unring a bell.

    I will once again renew my oath to not comment on sg blogs. I will leave that to whoever Jason Ch really is.

    You do a good job with this website though and I appreciate your work

    • Mark,

      I will edit any comments that indicate it was you to indicate there was confusion over IP addresses, and I apologize again for any confusion.

      Also, I want to reiterate that IP address evidence has been used in a court of law, so if ever a mistake was on reasonable grounds, I’ll stand by the fact that one certainly was. (People have been convicted based in inaccurate DNA evidence, too.) But a mistake is still a mistake, and I apologize for it.

  29. I do not know mark but I will promise daniel to not post on this blog anymore if he wishes. I am sorry for the confusion

  30. Mark, not that it will help, but I never thought you were a liar. If anything I thought it was a joke or a prank. Once it became evident you were serious I believed you.

    • JSR – I also agree. I had assumed it was a joke or prank, due to the matching IP addresses. I also believed you once you indicated you were serious.

  31. Daniel do you accept my apology for the mixup and if you desire I will never post on here again

    • That wasn’t what I asked above; I said that you’re welcome to join in the discussions, but just to please provide proof of lowest and best claims if you want to make those claims here.


  32. Jsr,

    I appreciate that but like I said, you can’t unring a bell, even by posting disclaimers in a post. A reputation is FOREVER changed in a second and trust lost is hard to win back.
    Some may question the reaon my feathers are ruffled. You would be shocked to know how online discussions, comments ect..are brought up to me all over the US and overseas when we sing. The world is small. The SG community is tiny and people read stuff. Reputations have to be protected. You cannot fluff this stuff off. Google lasts forever! πŸ™‚

    NOW I’m done with this!

    • Mark, you were on here almost immediately after I posted about the identical IP addresses. (That incidentally reinforced my suspicion that it was the same individual.)

      Anyhow, since you were on here almost immediately, those disclaimers went up within minutes. I can tell you that late on a Saturday night when we should all be in bed is not a fast traffic time here. So it would be a very, very small percentage of this site’s readership that would have seen it before the disclaimers went out.

      Yes, Google lasts for quite a while (nothing online is forever, though!) – but the disclaimers were up so fast that they were undoubtedly up before Google made it here.

  33. This is an excellent blog and I feel like its better without me. You do a great job daniel. I will leave now

  34. Well, this has been a very interesting conversation πŸ˜€

  35. So long everyone. God bless

  36. Perhaps I should not say this, but I am calling it a night. I will plan to answer any further concerns in the morning.

  37. Ok I keep breaking my promise to stop typing. (Doenst hlep my honety claims) my wife also mentioned that the immediate response looked weird. I do check your site a few times a day and my wife is driving through ohio so I’m bored in the passenger seat.

    One last question. Cvan you not see that over the last hour, jason ch and I are posting from 2 very different locations. I am on my blackberry in southern ohio. Surely you can see he is somewhere else?

    • Yes, I can verify that you are presently at different IP addresses. He is presently at the IP address you used to have. I apologize again for this mix-up.

  38. Daniel and Mark. Do you also forgive me for the mixup

    • Yes, though it wasn’t your fault. It was a reasonable and honest mistake on my part – but a mistake nonetheless.

  39. Daniel don’t take it hard and mark its all ok. No harm was done. Daniel made an honest mistake but you have been vindicated. Daniel I think we can be friends

  40. Would anyone consider the old friends quartet to be one of the best quartets ever

    • Some might, but not me. πŸ™‚ Cathedrals yes though. πŸ™‚

  41. Jason, I don’t know that I would put them in the category of “best ever”, but I have really enjoyed their music. It was a collection of legands and they were great at what they did.

  42. I’m gonna go out on a limb and sa the the old friends quartet is one of the best quartets ever. I said “one of them”. George’s voice isn’t at its strongest but he’s still my favorite.

    • That must be the same limb you were on when you told us that you were the ‘worlds lowest and best bass singer.’ Be careful, with any more weight on it that limb might come crashing down.
      Ouch! πŸ™‚