4 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Do all-SG marriages happen often? I can only think of a couple.

    • Dean and Kim Hopper, Tony and Taranda Greene, Nick and Jessica Trammell Troy and Katy Peach, Mike and Kelly Bowling, Jake and Judy Hess (sort of), Howard and Vestal, I am sure there are more.

      • Claude and Connie Hopper, Roger and Debra Talley (Hoppers and Songmasters), Mike and Kelly Bowling, Tracy and Libbi Stuffle, Ernie and Lisa Haase (sort of), Ben Isaacs and Krystal Crabb, Tim and Sonya Isaacs Surrett, John R and Rebecca Bowman, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Roger and Connie Fortner (Inspirations and McKameys).

  2. What about Kim and Dean Hopper? Charlotte Penhollow Ritchie? Tiranda Kiser Green and her late husband.