Guess the Baby Picture Contest #10

Do you know your favorite Southern Gospel singers well enough that you would recognize them anywhere—even in pictures from when they were children?

Let’s find out. We’ve had great fun with episodes 12345678, and 9; this post wraps up the ten-week series. Can you name these four singers?

Singer 1

Singer 2

Singer 3

Singer 4

The first person to guess all four correctly will win a sealed copy of Legacy Five’s 2001 release Heroes of the Faith.

Thank you all for taking part in this series. If you have had a fraction of the fun I have had, these ten weeks have been a great run!

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  1. 1. Joseph Habedank
    2. Devin McGlamery
    3. Jerry Martin
    4. Kim Collingsworth

    • Ooh, you have some good guesses.

    • Hostofheaven – some great guesses, but sorry, not a home run!

  2. I don’t have an idea on any of them yet.

  3. Habedank, rich Crist, Gerald Wolfe, Kim Collingsworth

    • Tanner – some great guesses, but sorry, not a home run!

  4. 1. Joseph Habedank
    2. Rich Crist
    3. Jerry Martin
    4. Kim Collingsworth

    • Hostofheaven (9:04): Some great guesses, but sorry, not a home run!

  5. 1. Jerry Martin
    2. Rich Crist
    3. Gerald Wolfe
    4. Kim Collingsworth

    • Sorry, YGG, not a home run! But great guesses for sure!

  6. #1 will end up being the sticky one for everyone. The other three are pretty clear.

    • You might be surprised, then! 🙂

  7. 1. Joseph Habedank
    2. Rich Crist
    3. Jerry Martin
    4. Brooklyn Collingsworth

    • Sorry, hostofheaven, not a home run!

  8. 2 is habedank and 4 is kim, but i am at a loss for 1 and 3

  9. 1. Joseph Habedank
    2. Dunno
    3. Ronnie Booth
    4. Kim Collingsworth

    I would take a stab at number 2… But I already have this CD. 😉

    • Great guesses, Naomi, but it is by default not a home run!

  10. It IS a home run? Or is it not?

    I’ve got a good guess for #2…. I think some one else guessed it earlier. Curious to see what the final list will be!

    • It is not a home run, because you skipped second base! Sorry for the typo (though I think context indicated the meaning to you!)

  11. 1. Joseph Habedank
    2. Rich Crist
    3. Ronnie Booth
    4. Kim Collingsworth


      I guess this was the easiest installment ever; what a way to go out! 🙂

      Hostofheaven, please contact us via our contact form to let us know the address to which you would like us to ship that CD!

      • WOW!!! That was super fast! We didn’t even get a chance. 🙁 (We were looking forward to another thrilling race with Daniel’s Siblings to guess the final baby pictures! 🙂 )

        Congratulations, Hostofheaven!

        (And, we all enjoyed seeing Ronnie Booth as a “baby”…but we’re STILL looking for Michael’s baby picture! 😉 )

        -BTLSJC4TGF 🙂

      • Sorry, BTLSJC! No picture of Michael was handy.

        And for some of these, you just have to be early birds…

      • Yeah, yeah, we know! 😀 (Can’t help we were up to 2:00 a.m. last night…)

      • Aww, come on! That’s what alarm clocks are for!

        (Just kidding!)

      • 😆

  12. Yep, I figured that’s what you meant, just double checking. Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag, my guess for #2 was Rich Crist 😉

    Congratulations, Hostofheaven!! You’re gonna LOVE that CD!

  13. hey #2 Caleb Garms 😀

    • Funny! There are some similarities! 🙂

    • Yes, definitely some similarities. But Rich Crist doesn’t have the adorable colic Caleb does, and, in my humble opinion, Caleb is MUCH cuter. 😀 But I’m his big sister, so I could be biased. (And, for your information, I also have permission to call Caleb “cute”. 🙂 )

      -Taylor for TGF

      • (No offense to Rich Crist, by the way!) 🙂

      • As his big sister, you’re certainly entitled to say that! I don’t want to upset him by agreeing with you, otherwise I would. 🙂

        (Well, can anyone – except maybe Lisa Crist – deny that Caleb is cuter as it presently stands? 😀 One might think of other words to describe Rich today – dashing, gentlemanly, whatever – but he’s old enough that cute would surely not be the first thing to come to mind! 😀 )

        Oh, by the way, look up colic and cowlick in the dictionary sometime; I suspect you meant the latter. 😳

      • Opps! I certainly meant “cowlick”! We often call his fancy hair-do a “ski-jump” as well. 🙂

      • I’ve never heard that one! Maybe it’s a Minnesota thing!

      • Most probably! 🙂 Or it could just be a “Garms Thing”…

      • Perhaps!

        I guess every family – or, at least, every family big enough to have inside jokes – has a few such terms! 🙂