Singing News, July 2011: Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings

Page 4: “From the Editor Notes From a Scrambled Mind.” No comment! (See column for details>)

Page 5: Daywind: “Now On The Charts: 15: ‘Brothers and Sisters’: Sisters and Booth Brothers.” Shouldn’t it be Booth Brothers and Sisters to Line up with the song?
“39: ‘Testimony’ Mark Trammell Trio.” Trio? Which member is not singing?
“New & Upcoming Releases: ‘Send Your Best Angel For Mama’: Singing Cookes.” What is this supposed to mean, and how can it be done?

Page 8: Letter From the Publisher: Les Butler’s apology for a late July issue that arrived on June 20! I thought it was a little early.

Page 10: ” The plans have been finalized . . . The only thing missing is YOU!” Are we supposed to leave it that way?

Page 12: Sheriff Lovelace fails to make his first attempted arrest.

Page 22: Mark Trammell Homecoming: Michael Booth says he will “Crash the party.”

Page 25: Turn It Up: Reach Out: Listening Notes: “Jeff is a tremendous, godly young man.” I hadn’t noticed that Jeff Hawes was very large.

Page 38: Second Annual Bean Blossom Southern Gospel Jubilee: “All events go on rain or shine; and since this is an outdoor event, bring lawn chairs.” It sounds like you might need to bring an umbrella too!

Page 42: Rodney Griffin says, “The first time I sang in public, my dad played piano for me. Afterward I declared, ‘I’ll never do that again.'” Thankfully he changed his mind.

Page 48: All I Ever Wanted to Do Is Sing a Song: Dixie Melody Boys nearly sent to jail!

Pages 57-65: One would think that graphic artists designing an advertisement for ‘family-friendly’ attractions would have chosen illustrations appropriate for youthful eyes.

Pages 68-69: Bus Drivers Part 2: Jesse Lunsford’s dream ride is amusing, but very practical: “A bus that never breaks down.”

Page 82: “Hear My Heart”: Also known as “The Stethoscope Song”!

Page 83: “Gaither: Ultimate Gaither Collection.” Until the next one. . .

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  1. I have to admit, this is my monthly reminder that I have a digital Singing News subscription. It’s kind of hard to remember between issues, and then you give me all these things I have to go see for myself. Bravo, Daniel’s Siblings.

  2. Thank you! Enjoy your read!