Upcoming Southern Gospel CD/DVD Releases: July 2011

This list aims to be inclusive of Daywind, Crossroads, Horizon/Crossroads, Sonlite/Crossroads, Vine/Crossroads, Gaither Music Group/EMI CMG, Stow Town/Provident/Integrity, Song Garden, Homeland, The Mansion Entertainment, and major independent group releases where known.

July 2011

  • 7/5: The Only Way, Greater Vision (Daywind)
  • 7/12: Reach Out, Karen Peck & New River (Daywind)
  • 7/12: If We Love Them, Gene McDonald (Homeland)
  • 7/19: The Waiting is Over, Tribute Quartet (Sonlite/Crossroads)
  • 7/19: Grace Says…, Kingsmen (Horizon/Crossroads)
  • 7/25: More Than Enough, Whisnants (independent/New Day)

August 2011

  • 8/9: I Am a Promise, Gaither Vocal Band (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)
  • 8/16: A Season to Remember: Their Greatest Hits, Brian Free & Assurance (Daywind)
  • 8/23: Let It Be Known, Booth Brothers (Daywind)

September 2011 (incomplete; honorable mention)

  • 9/6: Part of the Family, Collingsworth Family (Stow Town / Provident/Integrity)
  • 9/13: Somebody’s Coming, Gold City (New Haven / Provident/Integrity)

Is this list missing anything significant, especially among independent group releases? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I am looking very forward to the new GVB release. It seems that their last few albums (especially since adding the fifth voice) have gotten increasingly better. Steadily bettering what was already stellar projects is a feat for any top-notch artists.

    • Heh…and here I thought they peaked with “God Is Good” in 1999. 🙂

      • Quintessentially, “to each his own,” huh? 🙂

      • Perhaps you are looking at different aspects. Certain production elements may have taken a step up in recent years, and some would feel that this current vocal lineup is better.

        But, just based on the ongoing traction of songs from releases a decade ago, I think it would be safe to say that their albums a decade ago had a higher number of enduring classics / concert favorites than their last two or three.

      • Daniel, agreed. Excellent moderation, too. Do you this often. 😉

      • Thanks!

        Yes, this isn’t my first time doing something like that! 🙂

      • *** Do you DO this often.

        Ugh- joke gone bad.

      • No problem – I knew what you meant!

  2. The Whisnants’ new album, More Than Enough, releases through New Day on July 25. Lari Goss produced it.

    And the Dixie Echoes have a “Best of Dale Shelnut” cd releasing this month.

    • Thanks! I’ll add the Whisnants CD to the list now, and the Dixie Echoes one if I get a date.

  3. Never once in the existance of the Gaither Vocal Band have they sounded bad, they’ll always be my favourite. Only problem is, most of what they put out they have already put out before. But with my addiction I can’t help but get whatever they put out. Can’t wait to hear them do kiddy stuff!

  4. Here is a link to the song list and sound-clips for the upcoming GVB children’s album… (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)

  5. Had not heard anything about the BRIAN Free greatest hits cd from Daywind. Is August 16th a confirmed release date? Also wondering about a cd from the Dixie MELODY Boys.

    • This list is confirmed with record company staffers or via listings on record company websites.

      Or, put more directly, yes. 🙂

  6. I already own “let it be known” by the Booth Brothers and to nobody’s surprise it is tremendous. I would recommend it highly.