Introducing 3:1

Several recent CD reviews have received comments complaining that the review did not feature a detailed, in-depth paragraph on each song. There’s only one problem: I do not have enough free hours in the week to put in the four to eight hours to write a review that long every single week.

Starting this week, will launch a revamped reviews column. Announcing: 3:1.

A 3:1 review will highlight three strong points of an album—standout tracks, artist/arrangement growth, et cetera. It will also highlight one area the reviewer would have done differently. These reviews will, at the suggestion of an insightful commenter last week, resurrect our traditional/progressive rating scale, and will continue to include the closing album data (members, producers, song list) paragraphs.

Traditional reviews are not entirely vanishing; occasional landmark recordings by today’s most popular groups will still get the intensive in-depth treatment.

This will enable us to continue to feature projects by up-and-coming groups we may otherwise have had to turn away, without removing the option to go in depth with those occasional projects that are so landmark as to indisputably earn it.

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  1. I have no qualms about the way you have been doing reviews lately. However, I think I’m going to like the new setup.

    • Thanks, Josh!

      I think that David Bruce Murray and Steve Eaton have a great thing going with their direct and to the point “Must Buy or Not” series. In my position, and due to my day job, I frequently can’t be that direct. But this is my attempt to cut through the clutter and the background, and get directly to the point.

      By the way, y’all should have a first shot at seeing how this would look tomorrow morning. 🙂