First Look at new Collingsworth CD

The Collingsworth Family’s next CD, Part of the Family, releases September 6. Reader ZA sends over our first sneak peek:

The video quality isn’t all it could be, due to the three people who chose to stand for much of the song. (Concert Etiquette 101: If you will stand throughout a song when the rest of the audience remains seated, sit towards the back, so that you do not obstruct the view of hundreds of other attendees!)

The audio quality is decent enough to make up for the visual distractions. And the standout factor—enough to make this newsworthy—is the increased maturity in Phil Jr.’s voice. In just a few years, he has gone from having an occasional verse to being one of the strongest vocalists in the family. His previous solos have been keyed in the tenor range; this is his first feature in baritone/tenor quality, and he has excellent tone and control here.

Just when you might have thought that the family’s sound was as good as it was going to get, another vocalist comes out of his shell to be a strong vocalist in his own right. (Oh: If the performance wasn’t impressive enough on its own, the video description indicates that this was the first time the song was sung live.)

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  1. I’ll definitely have to listen to this later!

  2. Very impressed, brought a tear to my eye.

  3. this is obviously a baptist church…and three charismatics snuck in
    good song too by the way
    and when did standing during a slow song start?!?

    • Oh What a Savior?

    • actually it was a Wesleyan church.

  4. Alright, I got around to listening to it. WOW! Phillip has always been my favorite singer in the group, but he’s gone to a whole new level here!

    • For how far back have you been listening? Was he your favorite singer in the “God Likes to Talk to Boys While They’re Fishin'” days? 🙂

      • LOL A year or two…

      • Oh, OK! 😀

        My comments were mainly pertaining to how much he has grown since those days!

  5. I think he sounds a lot like Doug Anderson.

    • I heard a bit of Doug in his voice too

  6. Great! Great song!!! I like what Ben said above. LOL

    • my dad pastored a baptist church while i was growing up and we had almost every big time group on the road from about 87-05, and almost every concert without fail, a fast song cranked up and three people would stand up…i was surprised to find it has now grown to slow songs

      • Was it the same three?

      • there were four total, so one could rotate off

  7. What a voice! My first thought was that he does sound like Doug Anderson. The same deep, warm voice. Love it!

  8. I was at the concert as well. I recorded a few songs and will post them to sometime today or tomorrow. It was a great concert – and included a hilarious “wardrobe malfunction” that will surely be mentioned in concerts for years.

    • Uh-oh – that doesn’t sound good! 😮 But what happened?

      • Kim played the piano early in the concert and pounded down so hard with her left foot that it broke the heal off her shoe.

        She had to send Brooklyn back to the bus to get her another pair of shoes before they could continue.

      • Wow! At least it was nothing more! 🙂