Video of the Day: Tribute Quartet

When Tribute Quartet hired tenor Riley Clark last year, he was raw talent. Through his first months with the group, he admittedly struggled with notes and placement on occasion. But thankfully, he was on the bus with several instructors at the Steve Hurst School of Music. They were patient, worked with him to hone his skill, and this is the result:

Worth the patience?

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  1. You are so right Daniel. We first saw him on March 10th in Oregon and were blown away. What a talent, he will go far!

    • What city? I missed Tribute?

  2. I’ll hold my judgement until after i hear him sing Glory Road!

    • haha! Mike wins!

      Glory road – the measurement standard of all measurement standards

      • It’s the measurement standard for tenors who really use falsetto / head voice. Riley is a power tenor, and they generally don’t use much. I think other songs than that one are better measurements for his voice style than this one. 🙂

        (We don’t measure Danny Funderburk or David Phelps by that song, do we?)

      • Total agreement daniel haha

        However I’d love to hear Phelps give it a whirl

      • “Homecoming Day” or “Glory Road”?

        My thinking is that not every Phelps-style tenor needs to sing “Glory Road” and not every Jay Parrack-style tenor needs to sing “Let Freedom Ring” – and the genre might just be the better for it. 🙂

  3. This is such a great song. We recorded it about five years ago. Great job, Riley.

  4. Please! I know it’s a gospel classic, but no more Glory Road or Oh What A Savior for tenor singers. Let’s find some other song!! Sick to death of those two. Sorry! And I totally agree, Daniel, that we can’t and shouldn’t measure every tenor by one or two standar songs–and yes the genre would be much better for it!! See my first few sentences above…..That said, Riley Clark’s star has shone from day one on stage with Tribute and he only gets better and better. And thank the Lord that Gary Casto knows how to find songs that fit the singer rather than to make a singer sing a song just because it’s a “tenor song.” It is just me or does it seem like Tribute’s elevator doesn’t contain a “down” button! 🙂

    • I don’t mind hearing either song on occasion, especially when the singer standing on stage has the first name of Ernie (Phillips for the first, Haase for the second). But I agree that we don’t need to have every tenor in the genre singing both songs!

  5. I agree, Daniel. I don’t mind either Ernie doing their respective song. But not everyone. Likewise I don’t want to hear anyone but Peg do God On The Mountain or Karen do Four Days Late. I think when a singer so successfully commands a song, it is better left to not open oneself up for comparison and really sort of shows a lack of creatuvity, unless a good span of time has passed or it is done as a respectable tribute.

  6. Samuel, if you are talking about where this video was taken, it is from the Praise The Lord show on TBN. Tribute was featured on the program that aired last Friday night. They did a great job at representing southern gospel music with class and professionalism.

  7. I love the tone of his voice, still i think it would be wiser to move him down to the lead part. The texture of his voice changes to drastically when he hits a high note, he kinda slips into opera gear…and i never liked that. But he has a gorgeous voice.

    • I personally don’t mind operatic tones – I like Gerald Wolfe and James Blackwood, etc. 🙂

      • Don’t forget Jack Toney, Larry Ford, Gary McSpadden and Bobby Clark. 🙂

      • Yes, sir! And, for that matter, Big John Hall and Pat Barker!

  8. I love this! A lot of times how good of a singer you seem to be has to do with what songs you sing — are they suited for your voice, etc. This song is perfect for him, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a big hit! I expect this young fella is gonna get a lot of attention in the coming years. What a voice!