Keith Waggoner leaves Liberty Quartet

Keith Waggoner

Keith Waggoner

Liberty Quartet announced this morning that after almost six years with the group, tenor Keith Waggoner will be stepping down to accept a position as Senior Pastor at his church, Grace Bible Church in Nampa, Idaho.

Waggoner leaves on great terms; he will be a board member for their ministry and will continue to help promote their annual event, Northwest Gospelfest. He commented: “I’m forever indebted to Royce Mitchell due to his invitation to sing with Liberty Quartet. The dear friends I’ve made while traveling, the inspiring songs I’ve been privileged to sing, and the unique opportunities I’ve experienced with the quartet have prepared me for this pastoral calling.”

Phil Batton

Phil Batton

Bass singer / manager Royce Mitchell said that Waggoner’s pastorate couldn’t be at a better church, adding: “Having said that, I am really sad to see Keith leave the quartet as he has taken our ministry to a new level. He has been and will continue to be a wonderful friend, partner and leader. I am, and will continue to be, forever grateful for the sacrifices and commitment of Keith and his wife Lori, and the entire Waggoner family. They have my prayers and support as he continues to preach, teach, and live for Christ!”

Waggoner will remain with the group through August 1. Philip Batton, who has filled in with Liberty Quartet on a number of occasions, will step up to the tenor role.

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  1. Didn’t they just have another personell change , one of the other positions?

    • In the end, no; their lead singer was going to leave, but changed his mind.

  2. What was I saying about change yesterday…?

  3. Wow! It seems like there have been even more changes than normal over the past few weeks. I wonder if there is any particular reason that so many groups have had member turnover this summer.

    • Brian – we’re just getting close to NQC – that’s all!

      This one, though, is unconnected to the rest. The senior pastor position at Keith’s home church came open; if I’m recalling, this is the same church where he had previously been music minister. So I suppose they asked him if he was interested.

      He has three young children right now.

      • Daniel,
        It is the same church. Kim Collingsworth’s brother-in-law, Dave Keep was Senior Pastor, but resigned and is moving to Virginia.

  4. I’m sorry to hear this. Liberty has become one of my favorite groups since I first heard them at NQC several years ago. We talked to Keith once each year yet he seemed to remember us from the previous year and was super nice. I wish him the best and I know Liberty will continue to be a great quartet.

  5. I’ve been a friend of Keith’s since college. He’s a tremendously talented individual; I’ve actually been surprised that he’s stuck with a SG gig this long.

    It would be neat if he and his wife would join up with Doran Ritchey and his wife to do some dates as well. They are each quite talented.

  6. Beena big weeks a changes. you have Cody McVey leaving the Kingsmen, then you have a new trio with Dallas Rodgers, and now today.

  7. I know Philip Batton and have sang with him a time or two. I am sure he will do a great job with the tenor part.