Saturday News Roundup #80

In the News

  • Former Florida Boys tenor Rick Busby will be launching the Rick Busby Trio. He received a Dove Award nomination for Male Vocalist of the Year and was nominated five times for Favorite First Tenor in the Singing News Fan Awards. Joining him in the trio will be his wife, Cyndi Busby, and┬áMike Manning.
  • Chuck Wagon Gang manager/alto Shaye Smith will be taking a leave of absence for several weeks surrounding the birth of her child. The group announced via their email newsletter that previous alto Penny Greene will fill in during this period.
  • The Crist Family announced in their email newsletter that their bus’s engine has to be rebuilt, to the tune of $22,800.
  • Gold City is leaving the Beckie Simmons Agency and taking their booking in-house. Friday Night Revival offers analysis here.
  • The Diplomats, on the other hand, have joined BSA’s roster.
  • Bobby Clark told that he will be at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion next month in Greenville, South Carolina. He will be autographing copies of his autobiography.

Video of the Week

After a string of landmark live albums through the 70s and 80s, the Kingsmen were quieter on that front in the 90s and since. But they came back in a big way with 1995’s Georgia Live, which captured the spark of their earlier days. (I featured it three years ago, here.) I had not known (or had forgotten) that the project was also available on video at the time. But I just came across this video of the evening’s big moment:

Open Thread

As always, consider the comment section an open thread. Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Really enjoyed the video of the week. I wish Crossroads would re-release these older videos on dvd. Kingsgold 1&2 are already out but and I am pretty sure that Crossroads had the rights for 3&4.

    • The cost to do the highest-quality conversion from VHS to DVD is prohibitively high – and Crossroads really doesn’t want to release inferior / sub-par product.

      • I can certainly appreciate the fact that Crossroads doesn’t want to put out a poor quality product. Are we talking 5 digits or 6 digits for the conversion?

      • I honestly don’t know, but it would certainly be pricey to do it at master-level quality.

      • I think it would be worth it to preserve this bit of history. Great Video.

  2. I found the audio cassette of that album at the flea market back when I was first getting into Southern Gospel. I rewound and played that song so many times. I was so excited to see the actual video for it. My tape’s almost worn out.

  3. As a kid I remembered Gold City as a popular name in SG. Now GC seems to be everyones whipping boys. Which us a shame because Tim Riley can nail those low notes with the best bases in SG history. Hope they can gain stability and stay out of the public’s eye for everything except good, positive news for a while.

  4. Since this is an open thread I will post a link to an interesting article I stumbled across (Hope that’s ok, Daniel). [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken Link Removed.]

    • Nice article…and I tend to agree.