Saturday News Roundup #81

In the News

  • Former Dixie Echoes / Inspirations tenor Dallas Rogers launches Restored Trio.
  • The Dixie Echoes are closing in on a decision on a bass singer. They are still seeking tenor auditions. Past tenor Gerry Stroup will be filling in.
  • Dixie Echoes baritone Scoot Shelnut (Randy Shelnut Jr.) got married to former Chuck Wagon Gang alto Penny Greene on Thursday.
  • Perrys alto Libbi Perry Stuffle will be releasing a solo project at NQC. The CD will feature nine classics and songs she’s previously recorded (Did I Mention, Holy Hills, His Grace Will Lead Me Home, Still Blessed, March Around The Throne, God Walks The Dark Hills, Jesus Hold My Hand, Mountaintop For Me, and Now I Have Everything) and three new songs (Reunited, The Broken Heart Sings The Sweetest Song, and I Have Failed But I’m Not A Failure).
  • Former Gold City tenor Jay Parrack is now singing with a group called Vocal Event. [EDIT, 2/21/13. Broken link removed.] He will be joined by Anthony Hallman and Darren Morton. It is unclear whether he will also continue to do any select concert dates with Wilburn & Wilburn.
  • Past Statesmen bass Ray Burdett passed away earlier this week.
  • Worth Reading: McCray Dove’s recent experience at an outdoor festival featuring both CCM and Southern Gospel groups. He noticed that youth on their way to a CCM act walked directly by the Southern Gospel area without stopping when a tracks-only group was on stage, but when their band hit the stage, these youth would stop to listen for a song or two before going to see their favorites.
  • Gold City is preparing their Collection of Favorites project, released at NQC last year, for a re-release with the new lineup’s vocals. It is unclear whether they are also planning to stick with their earlier plan of getting their next mainline project out by September.

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  1. I thought the Perry’s recorded “Mountain Top For Me” several years ago.

    • Oh. Good catch! Come to the Fountain isn’t a recording I spin often, compared to their others. Thanks!

  2. I believe Gold City will still be releasing “Somebody’s Coming” in September…

    • Hopefully! But New Haven’s website has given the wrong date before. I’m hopeful but not counting on it.

  3. Spartanburg/Roebuck, SC, natives, Eighth Day, have their first #1 song. “May I Never Get over the Cross” hits #1 in the September Singing News charts.

    • Where did you hear that?

      • It’s on the SN website. They loaded the September charts today.

      • Oh, OK. 🙂 I guess it’s no longer a secret, then! 🙂

      • Well, I wondered what Scott Robinson meant in the Absolutely Gospel interview when he said it was “still climbing.” But I surmised it was #1, and they weren’t saying anything about it just yet.

        Speaking of the charts, Beyond the Ashes has their first Top 20 song.

  4. good for Scoot. Have seen the two of them at NQC for a couple of years, but Scoot never lets on it is serious. He is a fine gentleman.

  5. Just to let you know, and I hate to nit-pik, but Ray’s last name, Burdett has no letter “E” in it. Sad to say that Singing News also misspelled it.

    Funeral services were held yesterday at the Oak Ridge Boys Theatre in Branson, led by Barbara Fairchild and Roy Morris.

    Special condolences were sent by the Oaks, and several friends and family shared songs and stories of one of the finest bass singers since Big Chief.

    • Thanks, Woody! I just updated the post with the spelling correction!

  6. Greater Vision will be on the internet in about 15 minutes. And I’m not missing it tonight!