Cody McVey joins Ball Brothers on select dates

Last week, the Kingsmen announced via their Facebook page that Cody McVey was leaving the group to pursue a college education in music at Lee University.

This afternoon, Cody announced on his Facebook page that he will be joining the Ball Brothers on select dates:

I will be touring with the Ball Brothers as my college schedule allows. They’ve allowed me to travel when I can and stay home when I can’t. I’m very appreciative. They are great guys and I’m looking forward to working with them.

The Ball Brothers are four blood brothers—Andrew (tenor), Daniel (lead), Stephen (baritone), and Josh (bass). Cody is in a relationship with their one of their younger sisters, Leah Ball, so it makes sense all around. Adding a pianist of McVey’s caliber will also certainly be a boost for the group musically.

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  1. LOL at first I thought it said he was joining the Booth Brothers…

    • That would have been a huge typo!

  2. He’s incredible!

  3. Are Stephen and Josh both officially listed as baritones for the group, or is one of these labels supposed be listed as “bass?”

    • No, neither of them has a bass range.

      • That hasn’t stopped many from calling themselves bass singers. 😉

      • Very true, but I don’t think either Stephen or Josh has any particular aspirations to be the next Claude Hopper or Bill Gaither. 😀

        Well, I think they wouldn’t mind having a Gaither-sized pocketbook, but I doubt they aspire to Gaither-esque heights (pun not intended) vocally.

      • Very interesting.

  4. We’re excited about having Cody playing for us. He did great on his first weekend. Since 2007, when Josh first started singing with us, he has been taking voice lessons and his voice has naturally dropped several notes with age. He is our bass singer and has sang bass on our last 4 projects. Because of our arrangments we still switch parts quite a bit and don’t really see ourselves as a “traditional southern gospel quartet” in that respect.

    • Very cool! I’ve updated that post accordingly.

      It’s been way too long since I’ve seen y’all live and in person. Hopefully that will change in a few weeks, though. 🙂


    There’s an old post on your site from when Josh Ball joined the group as a vocalist.

    At that time, you wrote that Josh Gibson was Josh Ball’s friend, and then later, you mentioned that Gibson was Daniel Ball’s Brother-in-law.

    Wouldn’t he be a brother-in-law to all four of them? LOL

    • I’m married to Josh Gibson’s sister. =)

  6. Just got to spend some time with Cody and his sister (Eva) at Stamps-Baxter. Great folks. Look forward to whatever the future holds for them.