How well do you know your hymns? (Round 2)

Almost five years ago, I posted a list of Southern Gospel songs matched with professions. Highlights included:

  • Car Technician’s Hymn: You Better Run 
  • Psychologist’s Hymn: I’m Losing My Mind (Gold City)
  • Paparazzi Hymn: Trying to Get a Glimpse (Cathedrals)
  • Nursery Supervisor Hymn: We Will Be Changed (Perrys)
Your turn! To get you started, here are a few songs that just beg for good captions:
  • Save Me a Seat (Brian Free & Assurance)
  • Worth It (Brian Free & Assurance)
  • Blue Skies (Perrys)
  • I Quit (Dills)
  • We Will Stand Our Ground (Kingdom Heirs)
  • Leaving On My Mind (Dove Brothers / Rusty Goodman)
  • Swingin’ & Marchin’ (Kim Collingsworth)
  • Fight to the Finish (Kingsmen)
  • Just Stand (Legacy Five / Liberty Quartet)
  • I Can Hardly Wait (Jubilee)
  • Above All Circumstances (Legacy Five)
  • Fire Away (Kingdom Heirs) – I can’t resist putting a preliminary caption on this one: The Press Secretary’s Song
  • Delivered Again (Triumphant Quartet)
If enough creativity is unleashed today, I will do a best-of post tomorrow morning. So if someone posts one you love and wish you’d thought of, feel free to comment in reply to that one to vote for it to make the best-of list. (Note: There are plenty of lists circulating for hymns, so let’s focus on Southern Gospel songs.)

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  1. Leaving on My Mind – Divorce Lawyers Song

    I Can Hardly Wait – My daughter’s song when she is trying to convince me she needs a restroom break in church…other wise known as being bored.

  2. Save Me A Seat – The unfortunate hymn of your (maybe slightly annoying) friend.

    Blue Skies – The Weatherman’s Hymn

    We Will Stand Our Ground – The Picketer/Demonstrator’s Hymn

  3. Delivered Again – USPS Carrier’s song

    • Matt – I was hoping you’d jump in today! I was thinking that today’s post had you written all over it!

      • Yeah… This one is a good one. I need to sit down and come up with a list! 😉

      • I’m looking forward to this! At least for our genre, you’re the undisputed crown prince of this sort of stuff, and I’m sure you will be able to defend your title!

        That said, a few of us here (at least YankeeGospelGirl and I) might give you a run for your money!

      • “Move Along” (Crimson Gold) – Parking Lot Attendant’s Hymn

        “Once Step Farther” (Freemans) – Stair Contruction Worker’s Hymn

        “He’s Leading Me” (Williamsons) – Dog Walkers Hymn

        “I’m Still Here” (Squire Parsons) – Customer’s Hymn when placed on hold on the telephone!!!!!

        “Nothing To Prove” (Mark Lowry) – Politician’s Hymn

        “I Think I’ll Read It Again” (Gold City) – Librarian’s Hymn

        “Going, Going, Gone” (Gold City) another Plumber’s Hymn

        “Brothers & Sisters” (Sisters with Booth Brothers) – Adoption Agency’s Hymn

        “Trust You In the Trial” (HisSong) – Lawyer’s Hymn

        “I Recall” (Dove Brothers) – Elderly person’s Hymn

        When There Was Nothing to See (Ivan Parker) – Former Blind person’s Hymn

        Above & Beyond (McKameys) – Pilot’s Hymn

        “Hear My Heart” (Jeff & Sheri Easter) – Ultrasound Technician’s Hymn

        “Yes, I Am” (The Hoppers) – Spinach-Eating Sailor’s New Hymn

        “The Next Cloud” (The Kingsmen) – Apple’s New Hymn

      • You did not disappoint, and you saved the best for last! 🙂

      • “I Can Hardly Wait” (Jubilee) – Those waiting for an announcement by Steve Jobs!

        “Worth It” (Brian Free & Assurance) – Apple Customers who waited.

        “I Quit” (Dills) – Those stuck with non-iPhones!


  4. When you look for me look around the throne-Plumber

    • Oh, my… 😮 🙂


      • HAHAHAHA!!! I really honestly must say this is probably the best one I have seen thus far.

    • forgot about all the throne songs. nice. 🙂

  5. It’s Almost Over, Cathedrals: For anyone who has to sit through committee meetings on a regular basis.

    Midnight Cry: New parents

    Life Will Be Sweeter: Parents looking forward to the day when their teenager moves out.

    Meeting in the Air: Skydivers

    Til We Fly Away, Signature Sound: For anyone who’s gotten stuck in an airport.

    Give it Away: Your favorite annoying charity that won’t stop calling you for a donation.

    • I love it! “Midnight Cry” is definitely going to make a best-of list!

  6. The Astronaut’s Song – It’s Out Of This World (Paynes).

  7. Slow day at work… Here are a few more
    Olympic runner- I’m Running On ( Crabb Family)Prison Warden- He Locked The Gate’s ( Kingdom Heirs) Mother’s song – Get up, Get Ready (Gold City)
    Tour Guide- He’s Leading The Way (Hinsons)

    • I would never have thought of the tour guide one! 🙂

  8. Delivered Again – OBGYN’s Song

    • I’m not sure I get that one – I thought they only delivered babies once (each)!

  9. In honor of Daniels’s favorite group the following are all catherdral songs

    Broadcaster- Turn Your Radio On
    Dentist- Give The World A Smile
    Border Patrol Agent – Mexico ( haha)
    Electrician – Brighten The Corner Where You Are
    Haunted House Guide- Don’t Be Afraid
    Travel Agent – Ticket To Paradise
    Window Installer- Let The Sunshine In
    Carpenter- Master Builder

    • From that list, my favorite is Mexico! 🙂

  10. How About Your Heart- Cardiologist

    • This is one of my favorites!! LOL!

  11. I’ll give a few a shot:

    Just Stand (Legacy Five / Liberty Quartet) – Southern Gospel emcee’s song
    Fire Away (Kingdom Heirs) – Press Secretary’s Song
    Save Me a Seat (Brian Free & Assurance) – The maître d’s song
    I Quit (Dills) – Donald Trump’s song
    Swingin’ & Marchin’ (Kim Collingsworth) – Sousaphone Players’ Song
    Worth It (Brian Free & Assurance) – Used Car Salesman’s Song
    Leaving On My Mind (Dove Brothers / Rusty Goodman) – Lame Duck Politician’s Song

  12. Daystar – Astronomer’s song

  13. Keep on the Firing Line – Executioner’s song….ok, maybe that’s a bad one. I accept my punishment in advance.

    • Actually, maybe we should call THAT one Donald Trump’s theme song. 🙂

      • I just fainted…Daniel made a pop culture reference! 🙂

      • I only know about that one because of politics – remember when Donald Trump was running for President?

  14. Yellow Page Salesman – Let Your Fingers Do The Walking (Rusty Goodman)
    Dig A Little Deeper – Grave Digger
    Microsoft Founders – I’ve Got A Mansion
    Marine Recruiter- A Few Good Men

    • I like the Microsoft one! 🙂

    • I have an alternate assignment for “Dig A Little Deeper” – The Nose Picker’s Anthem

  15. Broken Things (McKameys) – Webmaster’s Song

    • I love this one! 😀

      -T for TGF

      • But is it an inside joke that only webmasters will get? 🙂

      • Probably! No one truly understands the deep frustration of a webmaster unless one has spent hours living in code trying to solve site glitches and what possibly has gone wrong in the code! 😛

        -T for TGF

      • Yeah, though the more computerized cars become, the more I start to suspect that mechanics can relate!

      • No kidding! 😀

  16. This Old House- Construction Crew
    Touring That City- Tour Guide
    He’s still working on me- Undertaker
    The Promise- Every Politician
    What a Lovely Name- Birth Certificate Office Worker
    The Longer I Serve Him- Waiter
    Mansion Over The Hilltop- Realtor
    He Grew The Tree- Orchard Farmer
    Can He? Could He? Would He? Did He?- Attorney

    • #3, #4, and #5 are incredibly funny! 🙂

    • I like #3, 4 & 9!

  17. He Called Me Out – the umpire’s song

    I Will Find You Again – the stalker’s song

  18. Farmer – Till The Land (Hinsons)
    Night Shift Worker- It’s Almost Morning (The Perrys)
    Wedding Planner- Wedding Music
    Physical Therapist- Walk With Me ( EHSS)

  19. Trying to Get a Glimpse (CQ) – Vertically-challenged person’s song

    Goodbye Egypt, Hello Canaanland (EHSSQ)- Travel Agent’s song

    I’ve Read the Back of the Book (L5/CQ) – Speed Reader’s song

    Hold On (LeFevre Quartet/Kingdom Heirs) – Lifeguard’s song

    TL for TGF

    • From this list, #1 is certainly my favorite. 🙂

  20. Pyrotechnic- Light Up The Sky (Booth Brothers)
    Florist – Just A Rose Will Do
    Consumer Product Safety Commission – I Recall (Dove Brothers)
    Storage Unit Owner – Stuff of Life ( Booth Brothers)

    • I really, really liked each of those! 🙂

  21. Open Table’s theme song – Save Me a Seat (Brian Free & Assurance)

    “Is 15 minutes on the phone with Geico really… “Worth It” (Brian Free & Assurance)

    Outdoor festival planner’s prayer – Blue Skies (Perrys)
    ** My vote for this one goes to Jordan’s “Weatherman”

    “Can I get political?”
    Ahh, skip it, why drag down the reputation of this blog with its comments.
    Jet Blue flight attendant’s song – I Quit (Dills)

    NFL negotiators – We Will Stand Our Ground (Kingdom Heirs)

    Bill Gaither, when he’s getting ready to anounce a “good song” – I Can Hardly Wait (Jubilee)

    Reenactor’s creed – Fire Away (Kingdom Heirs) – I can’t resist putting a preliminary caption on this one: The Press Secretary’s Song

    Upcoming airline rules (or) crowded metro travelers – Just Stand (Legacy Five / Liberty Quartet)

    One of the political parties’ response every four years – Delivered Again (Triumphant Quartet)

    Marketer’s creed – Leaving On My Mind (Dove Brothers / Rusty Goodman)

    The little engine that could! – Fight to the Finish (Kingsmen)

  22. High rise construction builder – Above All Circumstances (Legacy Five)

    A territorial gorilla – Swingin’ & Marchin’ (Kim Collingsworth)

    • Joe M – Quite the mental image there in #2! I can’t help but read that line and think, “Not everything in that line could possibly be mentioned in the same line!”

  23. “The Broken Ones” (Talley Trio)– Xray Tech song
    “Workin on a road” (Jeff & Sheri Easter)- Road Contruction Worker Song
    ” Please Forgive Me” (Crabb Family)– Sinners Song
    “Call Me Gone” (Hinsons)- Astronauts Song
    “That I could Still Go Free” (Hinsons)- A Convict Song
    “Time for me to Fly” (Morgan Easter)- Skydivers Song
    “Jesus on the main Line” – Electrician Song
    ” Four Days Late” (Karen Peck & New River)– Expecting Package Customer Song
    “He’s Alive!” (Karen Wheaton:- Corner Song
    “Thats Enough” ( Talley Trio)- Frustrated Parents Song
    “Born to Climb” (Jeff & Sheri Easter)- Rock Mountain Climber

    • Wow! There are some very funny ones in there! I especially like #1, #4, #8, and #10!

  24. “Every Day” (Triumphant) – Workaholics song? LOL

    “My Name is Jesus” (Mark Bishop & others) – A song for someone with an identity crisis

    “He’s Alive” – The Funeral directors nightmare…Words that would instantly end a funeral. (It’s expensive to die (sad but true))

    “He’s My Guide” (EH&SS) – The blind persons’ song for their seeing eye dog.

    • Shane – equally in the department with #2 would be Rodney Griffin’s signature song. 🙂

      • Haha so true =P

  25. Telemarketer – The Call. (Mike Bowling)
    Police Officer – Raise Your Hands (kingsmen)
    Mortician – If You Died Tonight ( Kingsmen)
    Real Estate Agent- Beautiful Home. ( Kingsmen)

    • I especially love #1 and #4. 🙂

  26. Okay, we’ve come up with some more! (Initials signify the creator’s identity.)

    Goodbye World, Goodbye – Astronaut (S)

    Getcha to the Other Side – Ferry Boat Pilot (TL)

    You’ll Be Back on the Mountain Again – Mountain Climber (S)

    The Sun Will Shine Again – Meteorologist (L)

    Open Up Your Heart – Open Heart Surgeon (L)

    I’m Rich – Millionaire (S)

    Up There, Somewhere – Birdwatcher (S)

    I Got Here As Fast As I Could – Delivery Man (T)

    I’ve Come to Take You Home – Bus Driver (T)

    Testify – Preacher (J)

    All You See is the Clay – Potter (L)

    Are You Enjoying the Show? – Clown (S)

    Let Jesus In – Doorkeeper (J)

    Monuments – Sculptor (S)

    In the Depths of the Sea – Scuba Diver (T)

    Don’t Look at the Water – Seasick Person (S)

    Movin’ On – Uhaul (T)

    Whosoever – Anybody! (S)


    *Caleb was reading at the time, so he didn’t add any suggestions! 🙂

  27. Bill Gates – I’m Rich ( Gold City)
    Taxi Cab Driver – “The Ride” ( Hoppers)
    Microwave Tech – I’m Just Warming Up
    IRS Agent – He Knows My Name (mcraes) and my wife’s name, kid’s name, and my address, phone number…. IRS knows it all. Hahaha

    • #4 is definitely making the list! 🙂

  28. “Were You There?” – Private Investigator
    “Come Unto Me” – Personal Injury Attorney
    “Revive Us Again” – EMT
    “Tell and Sing the News” – News Anchor
    “The Old Landmark” – Surveyor
    “No Unknown Soldiers” – Forensic Scientist
    “Have A Nice Day” – Walmart Cashier
    “Anything But Ordinary, Everything But Typical” – Mother

    And somebody needs to come up with something for “Yes, I Know”! We’re stumped, but know it could be something funny!

    -BT for TGF

    • “Yes, I Know” – Online Tech Support Agent’s Song
      “Yes, I Know” – Empathetic Politican’s Song
      “Yes, I Know” – Google’s Song
      “Yes, I Know” – The Prophet’s Song

      Speaking of empathetic politicians:
      “I’ve Been There” – Bill Clinton’s Song 🙂

      • “Yes, I Know” – A teenagers theme song especially sung to their parents. 🙂

        -Mom for TGF

      • Just to add another:

        “Yes, I Am” – A teenagers theme song when in trouble LOL

      • I like #3

  29. Knock No More—the Jehovah’s Witnesses (if only!!)

  30. DBM is the winner!

  31. I know this is weeks late, but this just hit me:

    Someday my Prince Will Come – Perry Sisters – the hymn of the Impatient Film Photographer

    (Yes, you have to say this one aloud for it to work…)