How Well Do You Know Your Hymns? (The Poll)

Yesterday’s post asked for creative matches of Southern Gospel songs with professions. Here are thirty-three of the most creative, whittled down from about 100 submissions. Vote through five that you think should make our final list, to be posted tomorrow:

[polldaddy poll=5276159]

Feel free (though not obligated) to share your five picks with everyone else in the comments below.

Also, if your favorite didn’t make the list, feel free to cast an additional two write-in votes in the comments section. Naturally, sharing the five you selected from the poll wouldn’t count against that number!

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  1. I voted for:
    *Donald Trump’s Theme Song: Fire Away (Kingdom Heirs) – Daniel J. Mount
    *IRS Agent’s Hymn: He Knows My Name (McRaes) – jeremy
    *New Parents’ Hymn: Midnight Cry (Gold City) – yankeegospelgirl
    *Paparazzi Hymn: Trying to Get a Glimpse (Cathedrals) – Daniel J. Mount
    *Pyrotechnic’s Hymn: Light Up The Sky (Booth Brothers) – jeremy

  2. I voted for:
    1. Apple Computers’ Hymn: The Next Cloud
    2. Frustrated Parent’s Song: That’s Enough (wish I could’ve voted twice for this one!!)
    3. Politician’s Song: The Promise
    4. Umpire’s Hymn: He Called Me Out
    5. X-ray Tech’s Song: The Broken Ones

    • On #2 – I almost voted for that. It was a tossup between that one and Midnight Cry for me. 🙂

  3. The Plumber’s Song, Look for Me Around the Throne, is clearly the best of the bunch. Or maybe I just have a warped sense of humor.

    I also went with the Umpire, the Webmaster, the New Parents, and the Bored Committtee Member.

    • LOL I AGREE!!! 🙂

  4. I Of course voted for my own, lol, but i also voted for The Umpires Song, and the plumbers song.

  5. I miss the bell!
    Debt Ceiling: Our Debts Will Be Paid
    (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)
    James S. Weatherington

    • Given the timeliness of the suggestion, I officially cast a write-in vote for this (as I’m permitted to do by the rules above!)


      • Me, too!! I would even sacrifice my vote for The Promise!!

    • Count me as a write-in vote for this one as well. That’s pretty good!

  6. My contribution was probably too late last night for consideration. If no one casts a write-in vote for it, at least I made myself laugh!

    Nose Picker’s Anthem: Dig A Little Deeper

    • LoL, now this is really funny!!

      Hey DBM, you really made me laugh, i thought it was in the polling list, but when i went back to the list, it wasn’t there.

      • here’s my vote:
        bored committee member
        new parent’s
        SG emcee
        used car salesman

        but for sure i wish the nose picker anthem is there 😀

  7. How did I miss this? Maybe getting in at the 11th hour will work for me…

    How about “IT’s Almost Over” (Cathedrals) – Disenfranchised American voter