How Well Do You Know Your Hymns? (The Results)

After Monday’s nominations and Tuesday’s poll, here are the songs you picked as your favorite matches of Southern Gospel songs with professions:

  1. Plumber’s Hymn: Look for me look around the throne (Cathedrals/Hoppers) – sourceofpower
  2. Umpire’s Hymn: He Called Me Out (Nelons) – Dan
  3. New Parents’ Hymn: Midnight Cry (Gold City) – yankeegospelgirl
  4. Border Patrol Agent’s Hymn : Mexico (Cathedrals) – jeremy
  5. Frustrated Parent’s Song: “Thats Enough” (Talley Trio) – Chelsea
  6. IRS Agent’s Hymn: He Knows My Name (McRaes) – jeremy
  7. Jehovah’s Witnesses Song: Knock No More – yankeegospelgirl
  8. Paparazzi Hymn: Trying to Get a Glimpse (Cathedrals) – Daniel J. Mount
  9. Apple Computers’ Hymn: The Next Cloud (The Kingsmen) – Matt Paasch
  10. Bored Committee Member’s Hymn: It’s Almost Over (Cathedrals) – yankeegospelgirl
  11. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Hymn: I Recall (Dove Brothers) – jeremy
  12. Delivery Man’s Song: I Got Here As Fast As I Could (Mark Bishop) – Taylor Garms
  13. Vertically-challenged person’s song: Trying to Get a Glimpse (Cathedrals) – Taylor & Leesha Garms
  14. Car Technician’s Hymn: You Better Run (Legacy Five) – Daniel J. Mount
  15. Pyrotechnic’s Hymn: Light Up The Sky (Booth Brothers) – jeremy
  16. Ultrasound Technician’s Hymn: Hear My Heart (Jeff & Sheri Easter) – Matt Paasch
  17. Undertaker’s Hymn: He’s still working on me (Hemphills) – sourceofpower

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  1. That poll was absolutely hilarious, thanks, Daniel.
    I loved babies’parents “midnightcry”, automechanik’s “you better run” , etc.. and laughed so hard at meetings “Its almost over”. YankeeGospelGirl rules! 😀

    endless meetings in IT dep all are like that. It never over, just perpetual fruitless pleads to clueless software support,better described as “I go to the rock” talking to “The Palm of his hand” 😉

  2. I’m obviously late, but was just inspired…

    Searchin’: The NQC Sound Technician’s Hymn

    “I Kept On Searchin’ ‘Til I Found Him”