Singing News, August 2011: Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings

Front Cover: Signature Sound cooks 44 cookies, and eats one!

Page 5: Red Hen Records and Daywind are held together by Scotch tape and worn-out book covers.

Page 26: The “Cathedrals-Influenced Tour” by Signature Sound “Heads to Kentucky.” We wonder if Signature Sound will be influenced by Cathedral Choreography (or the lack thereof).

Page 50: Tim Lovelace puts out a forest fire, saving a forest and and several houses, and then gets in trouble for it!

Page 77: Mark Lowry has “Nothing to Prove” with a number 80.

Due to a decrease in amusing material, we intend to discontinue our Singing News column, and focus on concert reviews in the future.

Daniel’s Siblings

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  1. Daniel’s Siblings,

    OHHHHHH! This is one of the saddest things we have read today. 🙁 We enjoyed reading your interesting insights about things we often overlooked. We will miss this column, but will look forward to your concert reviews. Thanks for your contributions to SGB!


    • I haven’t given up hoping I can talk them back into it yet. Any additional persuasion will help. 🙂

      • Alright! We’ll keep trying! 🙂


  2. Hmmm. It would help if Singing News got more interesting. Sadly, they have dropped their most interesting columns, which makes it more and more boring to read. Perhaps we should all try to convince Singing News to re-introduce their more interesting columns such as the “At Home With…” feature. We also miss the “10 Things You Might Not Know” column and the “Family Album.”

    And hey, we got some comments this time. Maybe if SN produces a great volume we will “have” to comment!

    Thank you Garms Family!

    • Daniel’s Siblings,

      You have said it! We so agree with you, we miss those columns, too. ESPECIALLY Roy Pauley’s “In My Opinion”. 😀 He was right-on most of the time! Maybe they should limit their Branson ads…they are unnecessary and over-the-top; very boring, indeed.

      Want to start a petition? We’ll sign.


      • Well, I’m sure the Branson ads pay the bills to keep the door open, the lights on, and the Postmaster paid. That’s the tricky part!

      • “Tricky”? Icky! Need we say more? We do understand the ads pay the bills, but it certainly detracts from the magazine’s worthy content. If it gets any more boring (filled with excessive advertisement), maybe people will stop subscribing?


      • I am sure Singing News would prefer to fill those pages with groups advertising. Perhaps we should move this particular conversation to email!

      • Daniel,

        Sure! Rest assured, we still have our subscription and love the latest front cover with EHSSQ.


      • Starting a petition? It might be a good idea, but we’re afraid (since they were bought by a big corporation) it would work about as well as petitioning Congress.

        P.S. Ditto on the Branson ads.

      • You are right that petitioning large corporations has its limits.

        There is one thing, of course, that they would probably listen to: If someone called them up and said that they found the Branson ads objectionable, and asked if they would drop those ads if SN would run ads the caller purchased in their place – now that would certainly pique an ad seller’s interest. 🙂

  3. Actually, I would say y’all have just knocked them into shape and they’re not providing you with more fodder. 😉 😛 You’ve forced them to become more serious. (Just joking here.)

    I let my SN subscription lapse after I got married. I’d rather have the music, really, and some things moved to the backseat anyway at that point!

  4. My goodness! I write three articles for Singing News this month and don’t get one tidbit or misunderstanding from Daniel’s Siblings? Well, I think I’ll just go into a corner and cry!!

    • Well, consider it a compliment that your articles were so well-written that there evidently wasn’t anything to misunderstand! 🙂

    • Apologies! If we do indeed decide to continue, we’ll have to pay closer attention. But Daniel J. Mount is correct, your articles must have been so well written there was nothing more to say!

  5. Aaawwww…I liked your Singing News Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings. I thought it was fun.

    Linda Fitzgerrell