Saturday News Roundup #82

Bus News

  • Beyond the Ashes tenor/manager posted the picture on the right on his Facebook early this morning, with the following caption: “God woke us up at 2:45 this morning and got us all out safely. Thankful for God’s protection.”
  • Kelly Nelon Clark posted earlier this week (Facebook login required) that the transmission went out on their bus, to the tune of $13,000. They are offering a limited-time $30 “Family & Friends Special,” here, to help cover expenses.
  • It has been a rough month on Southern Gospel buses, and the groups which try to keep one running! Five major bills have hit within the last month. Besides the two above, Jeff & Sheri Easter were in an accident with a drunk driver, the Ball Brothers had a $20,000 repair bill, and the Crist Family had a $22,800 bill

Other News

  • Triumphant Quartet will be releasing a project at NQC, From the Heart, that features two songs written by each member of the group. It’s a unique and intriguing concept.
  • This is Wesley Smith’s first weekend back with Palmetto State. Meanwhile, former Dixie Echoes tenor Gerry Stroup is filling in again until they can find a permanent replacement.
  • I am planning to catch one of Cody McVey’s first performances with the Ball Brothers on Tuesday. The Ball Brothers will be at Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville, NC at 6 P.M. (details here).
  • Front Porch Singin’ debuts in the Southern Gospel blogosphere with an important reminder to follow the law by paying song royalties.
  • Congratulations to Chris Allman’s son Dustin Allman. While Greater Vision was on their Alaska cruise, he proposed to his girlfriend, Amanda, and she said yes!

Video of the Week

Here’s our first look at David Mann’s new group, Promise. Mann takes the feature on a Greater Vision oldie originally featuring Mark Trammell, “He is Mine”—and owns it:

Toward the end of the second verse, his voice bears a striking resemblance to a young Gerald Wolfe.

Open Thread

As always, consider the comments section an open thread. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Seems I’ve seen several bus fires in recent years. Didn’t Tribute’s bus burn recently? I also remember a few years back, the Oaks’ new bus burned just 15 minutes after Joe Bonsall hit off to head home….

    • Yes, Tribute’s bus burnt to the ground recently. It wasn’t a bus, but the Freedom Singers’ sprinter/vehicle also burnt to the ground within the last year.

      I could be wrong, but I’m thinking that, in this economy, groups are keeping old buses running instead of getting new buses, and thus are coming up with more repair problems than if they got a new one every few years.

  2. Mann reminds me a lot of a young Mark Trammel…

    Looking forward to the TQ CD, I would like to see other groups try a similar approach.

    • Nate – that was my initial reaction, but as I listened to the close of that second verse for the fifth or tenth time, I ended up deciding that the end of that really sounded like a young, Dumplin Valley Boys era Gerald Wolfe.

      • Now that you mention it; I can so see/hear that resemblance…

      • Cool!

        I think he was going for the Trammell sound, and naturally is a good enough vocalist that he can do that, too. It’s just that the ending of that second verse was a pretty uncanny resemblance, when I got to thinking about it! 🙂

  3. I was gonna try to get down to Trinity Tuesday night to hear them….hopefully I’ll be able to

  4. I really believe Beyond the Ashes needs to change their name. this si the second fire they’ve been involved in.

    • Samuel – oh, dear. I hadn’t thought of it that way!

    • Ha!

  5. More news. Sonya (Isaacs) Yeary delivered Ayden Yeary on monday. 10 pounds 9 ounces 22 inches. Beautiful baby.

  6. I am not trying to be funny, but the group: Beyond the Ashes maybe should think about changing their name. Last year when they were singing with the Nelons, there was a fire in the building. Now a fire in their bus. How ironic.